Neeraj Joshi
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Seasoned Professional (4/6)
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Evaluated for Director of Product and Enterprise PM role archetype
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Agile methodologies Build vs buy vs partner Business model design Data retrieval Distribution planning Feature prioritization Listening Market analysis Market positioning Metrics definition Negotiation Performance tracking Product requirements Product roadmap Product vision Relationship building Stakeholder alignment User feedback review User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks Writing and presentation
Skill Progression


• Spearheaded product strategy and roadmap of a $25M product portfolio in the patient access sector of revenue cycle management, fueling revenue growth, bolstering customer satisfaction, and driving a 20% market share increase alongside a 30% revenue uptick.
• Boosted customer retention by 20 points through the diligent tracking and interpretation of key metrics like user experience, retention, and NPS scores.
• Steered numerous successful product releases, generating a 25% surge in user engagement by crafting and communicating a compelling product vision, steering agile development teams, and delivering results on-time and within budget.
• Led a high-performing team of 5 product managers, collaborated with key stakeholders and analyzed customer data and market trends, driving informed, data-centric product decisions.
• Successfully decommissioned 2 legacy products, reducing technical debt by 30%, which improved system performance and allowed resources to be refocused on revenue-generating products
• Trimmed implementation time by 15% through strategic product task prioritization, execution leadership, and fostering cross-functional team collaboration to document the implementation process.


• Led strategic planning processes for 4 organizational business units (supply chain, technology, finance, and product) partnered with cross-functional team leads across technology, operations and finance to ensure delivery of 3 key enterprise products on time and under budget
• Assisted in setting annual expense targets, which contributed to a 15% improvement in alignment between budgetary performance and corporate strategic objectives.
• Assessed business value to ensure epic release schedule is aligned to business priorities on 5 different $10M projects
• Launched new digital platform supporting utilization management across the pharmacy and medical benefits for a single customer experience, on track for delivering $19M+ in revenue
• Delivered prior authorization solution for specialty drug management program enabling up to $300M in affordability over 5 years
• Developed market differentiating platform to provide efficiency tools and cross benefit analytics to 250K health plan clients looking to improve operational costs by 23%
• Conceptualized, designed and implemented pharma contract lifecycle product, reducing contract errors by 42%
• Created marketing and communications strategy for new pharma contract lifecycle management product, including market assessment, customer segmentation and pricing strategy
• Managed team of 10 high performing people, mentoring on product strategy, data driven decision making and product development


• Produced and managed $100K+ healthcare and education products using product lifecycle management (PLM) and software development lifecycle (SDLC)
• Fostered collaboration between 20 engineering, designers and business stakeholders to optimize efficiency
• Improved project delivery times by 15% by fostering collaboration between cross-functional teams and introducing Kanban boards for better project management
• Led launch of 2 products, developing sales and communication materials which was replicated across 12 existing products
• Mentored team of 3 product managers on creating product roadmaps, data analysis and market research
• Delivered leadership and guidance on 10 digital products of a complex nature including EPIC EMR data conversion.
• Grew knowledge on web technologies and amazon web services offerings including AWS cloud practitioner services and internet security to support healthcare and education clients, self-educating through online articles and job aides


• Designed and executed UAT test cases in an agile environment for a $10M customer data project, increasing quality benchmark 20% and improving data accuracy.
• Improved internal testing review process, reducing timelines for testing deliverables and saving $100K+ annually
• Negotiated with 6 department areas to streamline internal test procedures leading to 5% increased workflow efficiency
• Strategized and presented team efficiency metrics to executive management, enabling 6% growth of integrated delivery office and creating 3 newjobs
• Delivered guidance to 30 engineers and developers on achieving high levels of agile maturity while complying with defined agile core principles and enterprise standards saving $50K
• Articulated digital transformation progress to leadership team and monitored timely execution to meet project goals and budget for mobile app and customer chat function
• Led discussions and conflict resolution sessions, progressing team towards timeline goals and facilitated daily scrum, sprint planning, sprint demo and retrospective meetings
• Analyzed and resolved over 1K+ software defects, enhancing system stability and saving an estimated $1M in potential support costs.


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