Jennifer Mazzon
Skill Score
Master (5/6)
Product Impact Leader

Chief Product Officer at Merit America; former 2xCPO; founding head of product for Google Docs, Coursera for Business, Apigee Edge and others.

My approach is to…

Align stakeholders and teams around dynamic, strategic plans
Engage team members with energy, inclusiveness and joy
Take decisive action in context, considering all inputs
Focus on the critical few priorities and metrics
Cultivate user empathy, understanding and insights
Collaboratively build and test lean product MVPs
Remove barriers to team progress

Specialties: MVP definition and validation, product strategy and vision, team empowerment and inspiration, market research and experimentation, customer focus, agile and iterative development, app and system design, cloud solutions, API-based architectures, machine learning model productization, edtech.

Evaluated for Chief Product Officer and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Agile methodologies Data retrieval Growth experiments Performance tracking Stakeholder alignment Distribution planning Wireframes and mocks Feature prioritization Build vs buy vs partner Market analysis Product requirements User journey and personas User research Listening Negotiation User feedback review Writing and presentation Metrics definition Product roadmap Business model design Market positioning Relationship building
Skill Progression

Group Product & Business Manager

(2005) General manager and P&L owner of QuickBooks Customer Manager, an innovative CRM offering for small businesses. Managed a cross functional team of engineers, QA, product management and marketing.
(2004) Led a small, entrepreneurial team to architect, design, build and launch QuickBooks Customer Manager, on schedule and with the required feature set. Garnered positive press, won an Entrepreneur Magazine award and exceeded sales forecasts.
(2002-03) Managed team of five product managers who profitably doubled the number of core QuickBooks products in the product line.

Schmidt Futures Innovation Fellow

Chief Product Officer

Supporting low income workers without college degrees to advance their lives based on merit. Working to scale the number of learners that gain in-demand skills and build new careers through technical training, professional development and job placement with dedicated coaches and peers at Merit America.

Product Advisor


BetterYou ( is a Healthy Habits Companion helping you achieve your goals and improve your life.

Vice President, Product

Led Product@Evidation (Product Design, Product Management and Product Operations functions) to enable and empower everyone to participate in better health outcomes. Grew the product team to 30+ strong, created a company-wide product vision and unified product planning process, enhanced product team cohesion and user-centric product development practices, launched and refined a suite of standard product offerings to optimize product-market fit.

Chief Product Officer

Launched new products, grew Thrive’s Product team and enhanced legacy B2B employee wellness SaaS offerings to end stress and burnout, and unlock human potential.

Chief Product Officer

Promoted from Vice President of Product after 9 months. Led multiple product functions (Product Management, Design, Data and Customer Support) to nurture each child’s passion, curiosity, optimism, and educational success with interactive learning library subscriptions for families and schools. IXL Learning acquired in December 2019.

Product Director, Coursera Learner and Partner Experience

Led Coursera’s Learner and Partner Experience product teams across B2C and B2B channels. Launched Coursera’s first Master’s degree programs. Launched and fueled the early growth (+400% YoY) of Coursera for Business and Coursera for Teams.

VP of Product & Technology

Drove product management and user experience design across half a dozen brands and web properties at a leading provider of online education solutions for licensed professionals. Led the engineering and IT team for 2 years, putting the team and architectural foundation in place for a common platform to enable technology stack consolidation across all web properties.

Product Leader

Headed up product management and user experience (design and documentation) teams. Launched a new, freemium API platform offering that gave enterprises and developers self-serve API configuration and management capabilities.

VP of Product & Support

Promoted from Senior Director of Product after 6 months. Led product management, UI design, document operations and customer support. Overhauled membership user experience, doubling the subscriber base in 9 months.

Senior Product Manager

Guided Writely’s integration into Google systems. Led the public re-launch of Writely as Google Docs. Managed dozens of releases, including several new product launches. Google spokesperson on PBS NewsHour, CBS Sunday Morning News, Office 2.0 & Web 2.0 Conferences. After 3 years on Docs, moved to the Maps team to lead crowdsourced mapping efforts in partnership with a global mapping community.

VP of Product & Marketing, Writely

Led product management, user support and marketing. Worked in close collaboration with company founders on company strategy and product direction. Google acquired Writely in March 2006. Writely subsequently become Google Docs and later evolved into Google Drive.

Product Executive in Residence

Consulted with early stage portfolio companies to help them succeed faster.

Degree Programs

CS106A (Java) and CS106B (C++) with Professor Eric Roberts; Karel Contest winner.

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Global Management Program

Junior Year Abroad

Bachelor’s Degree, Italian Language & Literature

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.