Chinmaya Gupta
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Consumer Tech Education Tech Enterprise Tech
Ex-PM at Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Airtel | Ex-Entrepreneur | Led 0->10 product journey thrice
1. 10 years of experience in software development and technical product management
2. Led management of 3 products from ideation to monetisation
3. 1x Founder of AI-based SaaS startup, Fivot (
4. Prior work experience in early stage startups such as VMock to global tech giants such as Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Airtel.
Evaluated for Director of Product and Platform PM role archetype
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Industry: B2B2C Productivity Platform
Founder, CPO 01/2023 – 02/2024
• Founded the company under Brand Name: Fivot ( aiming to build a unified productivity suite for businesses at global scale, as solo-founder.
• Built an AI-based, SaaS product from scratch aiming to simplify the information search across documents and sources to increase workforce productivity by 10%. We leveraged ML, NLP and Generative AI to drive up accuracy.
• Launched the MVP to test the idea and market within 3 months and achieved early traction of 500 B2C users and conducted 3 POCs with unicorn-level companies at 0 paid marketing
• Raised seed fund for product development and team building
• Built a cross functional team of 20 members for Engineering, Marketing, Design, Content, and Operations.

Principal Product Manager

Industry: Telecommunication
Principal Product Manager 02/2022 – 01/2023
• Led entire Airtel Broadband product portfolio worth $300 Million annual recurring revenue
• Led Airtel Data Platform development building capabilities for data ingestion, data quality and data consumption having the scope to manage 330 Million active users.
• Led a team of PMs and SPMs to drive 5 PODs for innovation, growth, acquisition, network and business supports
• Responsible to setup product vision, roadmap and aligning CXO level leadership to get funding and buy-ins
• Responsible for driving team efficiency and productivity through process innovations, stakeholders alignment and outcome focussed delivery planning.

Product Manager-II

Industry: Consumer and Enterprise Software, Office 365 Product Manager-II 04/2020 – 02/2022
• Responsible for the development and management of the experimentation platform to enable ML Scientist/Researchers to build their ML models in a compliant way.
• Onboarded 40+ compliant datasets in 6 months to enable Data Scientists to build AI features for Office 365 suite
• Enabled the platform for Data Scientists to build features such as Meeting Insights, Semantic Search, Smart Reply
• Leading the Eyes-on user dataset publication project for AI feature building by implementing regulatory and
privacy guidelines. Coordinating closely with the Legal division, R&D division, leadership and data center teams.
• Serving 10 ML Researcher teams by publishing Eyes-on user datasets in compliant way
• Responsible to provide user data for ML research and development through the platform, maintaining 100%
compliance, legal, privacy requirements
• Responsible for understanding 1st party and 3rd party customers’ requirements and enablement through the platform.
• Responsible for managing and SLA/SLO and Quality metrics of the platform as committed to the customers.
• Increased the platform adoption of the users by 2x in the first 6 months. Also, Increased the data processing capability of the platform by 1.5x through infrastructure improvements and requirement alignment.

Senior Product Manager

Industry: Online Classified Platform- Real Estate Senior Product Manager 01/2019 – 04/2020
• Owning the following Product Portfolio pertaining to Quikr Real Estate Vertical
• B2C- – Website, Msite, AMP version, Android, iOS
• (Quikr PG) – Website, Msite, AMP version, Android, iOS
• B2B- Realty – RSquare (For Brokers) and RQube (For Builders)- CRM, Website, Android, iOS
• Internal Tools – Used by Customer Support, Operations, Data and Content Teams extensively
• Conceptualized and Lead the launch of Coworking Space vertical parallel to existing Quikr Real Estate vertical with the
target of Rs. 2 Cr product revenue in the first year through lead generation and customized property matching
• Increased the direct product revenue by 20% in the first 8 months through continuous product innovation and scale
• Increased the indirect product revenue by 25% through product expansion and sales and customer support enablement
• Lead the international expansion by increasing daily traffic by 20% and lead conversion by 50%
• Responsible for B2B product delivery and adoption for 900 R2 and 300 R3 accounts with the target of 80% renewal rate
• Directly managing Product Delivery team of 15 people and indirectly managing 35 people comprising Engineering, QA, Analytics, SEO, Data, Operations and Content team
• Responsible for setting up product vision and driving product strategy by combining innovation, technology and revenue
• Recorded a 25% increase in daily organic online traffic and corresponding 25% increase in conversion in 6 months
• Improved NPS by 10 percentage points, Quikr domain authority by 5 points through user centric initiatives
• Leading the AI/ML based projects for optimizing product pricing to drive product revenue and superior user experience

Product Manager

Industry: B2B2C Smart Career Platform Software Provider Product Manager 09/2016 – 07/2018
• Managed a product “Resume Parser” which is the backbone of all other company products offered to its clients
• Led a team towards the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to make the world- class state-of-the-art resume parser available in the market
• Led the team towards the product goals under Agile environment ensuring fast delivery and superior quality
• Collaborated with cross functional teams under the pressure of quick and timely delivery. Teams like Client Servicing, Sales, Technology, Security, Leadership are some with whom frequent interactions take place
• Managed a team of 5 people (3 software developers (All IITians), a software tester and a product analyst)
• Managed and owned all product features, logics, process flows, improvement plans and product scaling
• Initiated a project with the goal of creating Verified Resume using Blockchain Technology Achievements:
• Successfully migrated 100% client base from old system to the new system without any interruption in service
• Recorded 3x growth in the number of clients in the past 1 year
• Reduced the number of issues faced by users from 1% to .05% in 6 months by continuous product improvement

Summer Intern-Sales and Operations Department

Project: Knowledge Management System Set-up Plan and Implementation Summer Intern-Sales and Operations Department 04/2015 – 07/2015
• Formulated a detailed strategy to create a Knowledge Management System (KMS) portal with the target base of 450 users
• Developed the strategy from a manager’s perspective to influence the organizational culture, motivating the users and
proper incentives for all stakeholders towards KMS adoption
• Formulated all frontend & backend KMS processes and integrated user roles with them Achievement:
• Awarded Pre-Placement Interview offer based on the performance during internship

Senior Software Engineer

Industry: Consumer Products (Smartphones Segment) Senior Software Engineer 07/2012 – 07/2014
• Worked towards developing Device driver code for the power management of CDMA smartphones for the US market
• Worked towards developing device driver code for the power management of Samsung Galaxy Camera which was 1st Android based camera in the world launched by Samsung
• Coordinated among my team at Bangalore center, Samsung HQ and clients abroad on various critical issues Achievements:
• Worked on “Amazing” smartphone which contributed towards the selling of around 1 million devices in US in 2012/13
• Contributed towards the up gradation of Amazing OS from ICS to Jelly Bean which was sold with approximately one hundred thousand units in the US market

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Master of Business

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering



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