Ganapathi Baliada-Ramesh
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Consumer Tech Healthcare
Marketing Analytics | Product Management | E-commerce | Diversity and Inclusion Exponent

Perennially curious analytics junkie who prefers to ask his questions to large datasets. Adept at leveraging data for product development and business process improvements.

Loves solving problems, and wouldn’t mind breaking things down or putting them together to do so. Working in a diverse, multicultural team brings out the best in him.

Specialization: Data Visualization, Reporting, Personalization, E-commerce, Merchandising, Continuous Improvements, SDLC, Agile Methodology

Statistical/Visualization tools: Tableau, Power BI, Excel, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Cognos, Python, SPSS

Database tools/ ERP: Alteryx, SQL Server, SQL, DB Visualizer, SAP, Maximo, Oracle, Salesforce

Project Management tools: Slack, Microsoft Office, Teams, Project, Visio, Jira, Confluence, SharePoint.

Evaluated for and PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Skill Progression

Product Management Fellow

Senior Analyst, Audience Measurement Lead

Marketing and Communications Chapter Lead, Asian Employee Resource Group

Senior Marketing Analyst – Corporate Digital Marketing

Leveraging digital marketing and analytical capabilities to further Thermo Fisher’s goal of enabling customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

Analytics, Data Automation

Information Technology Analyst III

• Lead the conception, development, and maintenance of a comprehensive, Alteryx powered operations dashboard for Caterpillar’s largest engineering group that enabled Senior Engineers and Managers to identify cost reduction opportunities across sourcing, logistics, performance, and quality.
• Responsible for the planning, partnership and implementation of an ETL solution that improved the load time of data by 50% at no additional cost and enabled the team to democratize data thereby fueling innovation across the organization.
• Managing the development/maintenance of dashboards with an annual spend of $1.2 Billion
• Responsible for day-to-day analytics @ Caterpillars largest engineering group- IPSD
• Adept at handling disparate data sources- 6 databases, multiple spreadsheets in 2 Tableau dashboards. Alteryx designer core certified.

Reporting Analyst (Co-op) – Centre of Excellence for Distributed Operations

• Spearheaded the development of weekly templates, dashboards, and reporting systems that allowed for constant refinement and reflection implementing Continuous Improvement approach for Michigan’s largest energy provider.
• Initiated the migration process of the largest operations group, Distributed Ops from a spreadsheet-based ecosystem to a SAP, Maximo, SQL, Power BI and Tableau based live weekly reporting system.
• Developed operational metrics and weekly forecast dashboards that facilitated operational calls, reviews and tracked performance to targets which promoted Continuous Improvement efforts across the organization.
• Provided support across DTE Energy’s key verticals of Business Process Analysis, Continuous Improvement Model (CIM), Operational Metrics (safety, cost, quality, delivery), and Forecast analysis.

Marketing Research Intern

• Planned and executed the development of DRM, a Data Relationship Management tool for J.D.Power’s top client, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services that helped review and analyze dealership performance across the United States.
• Developed live dashboards for J.D.Power’s primary client reporting tool, VoX, including Breakdown charts, Gap charts, Heat Maps, Performance and Mix charts, Rank charts, Swoop chart, Trend charts, and Gauge charts.
• Built predictive models for the Global Research Operations Team (GRO Team) on the 2017 U.S. Dealer Financial Satisfaction study; this included significance tests, distributions, scorecards, rank charts, Key Performance Index (KPI’s) for clients such as Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Ford Credit, Toyota Financial Services, and BMW Financial Services.
• Performed quality checks on data, simulators, and models constructed for the 2017 Finance and Wealth reports; ran models to research, retrieve and deliver data using SQL, Microsoft Excel, mTAB and SPSS extensively;

Research Assistant | iLabs, Centre for Innovation Research

• Conducted quantitative data gathering for ACCESS, one of the largest non-profit organization in Michigan.
• Interacted with internal and external stakeholders to understand the true objective of the survey.
• Designed a survey instrument to capture maximum emotion based on the seven-point Likert scale.
• Administered the survey at multiple venues across varying timeframes.
• Improved data quality by replacing missing data, correcting spelling errors and detecting anomalies.
• Performed univariate and inferential statistical analysis.
• Carried out secondary research on competitive strategies
• Documented research findings, composed written reports, and presented the results to internal administration and external clients.
• Coordinated client-handling and communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Marketing and Analytics Lead

• Collected, analyzed, and reported findings to the key stakeholders in the $74 billion automobile market in India.
• Performed Demographic segmentation and identified key patterns in automobile consumption based on website visits, Web activity, and social media response, helping Gaadikey improve customer retention by 25%.
• Analyzed customer data over the lifecycle of a project to recognize preferred mode of information consumption. Planned and produced relevant video content thereby increasing engagement by 300% and acquisition by 20%.

Marketing and Analytics

• Conducted an analytics workshop and coached employees thereby reducing support dependency on Voiro by 56%.
• Performed exhaustive competitor analysis, Customer profiling and developed ranking systems to kick start’s marketing campaign.

Business Analyst

• Cleaned and analyzed historical data to identify most valuable clients, most valuable products and most favorable seasons. This facilitated the hyper-aggressive pursuit of targets resulting in 30% increase in sales.
• Visualized sales data and developed supply-chain patterns thus enabling us to target and serve key customers early.
• Developed systematic reporting processes and procedures to ensure visualizations and user permissions were delivered in a
timely manner for all ad hoc requests.
• Analyzed customer data to develop a classification model that could identify customer affinity towards product lines
using customer demographics and purchase information.

Project Intern

Degree Programs

Python for Everybody Specialization

Master’s Degree, Business Analytics

Certificate, Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen

Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering

High School, ICSE

Licenses and Certifications

Becoming a Product Manager: A Complete Guide

Product Marketing Foundations

Python for Everybody Specialization

Digital Marketing 2.0

Alteryx Core Certified

Digital Marketing 1.0

Introduction to SQL

Intro to SQL for Data Science

Using Databases with Python

Using Python to Access Web Data

Python Data Structures

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Fraud Analytics

Data Science with SAS

A Crash Course in Data Science