Chidozie Madukwe
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Consumer Tech
Product Manager at Juvenix Limited

I am a product Manager, who is passionate about working in a diverse team to design user Centered products.
I’d love to combine my great communication and human resource management skill to continue building products that people need.
skills: Product Management, Creation of Roadmap, PRD, Guiding and Motivating a Team.

Evaluated for VP of Product and Generalist PM role archetype
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Skill Progression

Product Manager

-I Head the IT dept. of Juvenix Limited.
-Work with management and stake holders to create product plan, vision and roadmaps to ensure only right product is been built.
-Prioritize roadmap in order to achieve product goals and metrics.
-Meet with customers to fully understand their needs and communicate back with my team to foster understanding.
-Established criteria for each milestone within product roadmap as means to measure developmental progress.
-Set goals, formalized policies and enforced operational standards to maximize team performance and keep project on-task to achieve targets.

Project Manager

I double as Project Manager and Head of IT dept. for Juvenix Limited.
I understand customer’s requirements and communicate with the team.
I build the Product Roadmaps and PRD, while also guiding the team to achieve our goal on time.

Product Manager

>I was in charge of Products
>Liaised with customers to develop deep understanding of business needs and current market landscape.
>Kept records of customer interactions, processed customer request and filed documents
>Compiled product, market and customer data to generate informed sales and profit projections.
>Produced and reviewed product requirements documents (PRDs), Collaborated with my team to quickly resolve customer complaints to avoid working out of scope.
>Effectively managed diverse team to start and finish various projects according to roadmap and PRD.

Electrical Apprentice

I work with a team of Electrical Experts and technicians, who manufacture industrial Inverters, Stabilisers and AVRs.

Web Developer

Learnt Web development using HTML and CSS. And Bootstrapping.

Degree Programs

B.Eng, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Electronic and Computer Engineering)

Best Team, Robotics Programming and Control

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.