Joshua Gitter
Skill Score
Professional (3/6)
Information Technology
MBA Graduate Student

With over twenty years of software product management and programming experience, I have built a wide array of products, including Decision Analytics and Fraud Detection systems, Fintech payment solutions, Smartphone games & applications, smartphone advertising services, and photo sharing systems. Customer and business needs inspire me to build great products, and I excel at transforming engineering, creative, and marketing requirements into customer-facing software.

Evaluated for and PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Negotiation Database structure System design API integration Data retrieval Agile methodologies Performance tracking Writing and presentation Market analysis
Skill Progression

Senior Windows Engineer

I specialized in developing image editing code for different lines of Ofoto and Kodak image editing software suites. I improved the Windows user interface and solved system-level problems. I used Visual Studio, C++, and InstallShield for my development.

Systems Software Engineer

After graduating from college, I joined 3M to work on automated optical inspection systems, which are used to find defects in 3M commercial products. I used Visual Studio, C++, and Java for development. I also created, administrated, and wrote scripts for MSSQL databases.

Software Engineer Intern

This was my first job as a part-time software engineer. I started work as a Windows C++ developer. My primary work was with the AT2000 telephony systems. I also created tools using MFC and SQL.

Senior Business Systems Analyst

I was a Senior Business Analyst in the Software Delivery Group. I worked on Decision Analytics and Fraud Detection Software.

My primary duties consisted of:
• Creating Decision Analytics credit systems in Experian’s PowerCurve Strategy Management (PCSM) software suite.
• Implementing Neural Network (Machine Learning) models into the client’s fraud detection systems.
• Integrating Experian’s Fraud Detection software (Hunter) in the client’s data center in Fukuoka, Japan.
• Creating Proof of Concept (POC) implementations of PCSM as pre-sale activities. Acting as bridge engineer and support line between the Japan office and APAC & Europe offices.
• Meeting weekly with Sales, Analytics, and fellow engineers to update project status.
• Reporting to the VP of APAC Delivery group in Singapore to discuss product roadmap progress.

Senior Director of Product Management

I served as Senior Product Manager to expand Orb’s PaaS suite of SmartCoin related FinTech product offerings.

My primary duties consisted of:
• Using Agile Project Management to manage and deliver features on time.
• Working with project stakeholders (CEO, CTO, VP, Sales, etc.) to ensure Sprint delivery schedule.
• Developing features and workflows for new products using Atlassian products (mainly JIRA & AHA).
• Creating system design flowcharts to help customers and engineers understand workflows.
• Meeting with customers to understand technical requirements and translating these demands into features for our engineering team.
• Managing contractor resources and delivery schedules.
• Editing and approving contracts for customers and contract employees.

Senior Director of Strategic Alliances and Technical Consultant

I was a founding member of Metaps, which features various smartphone advertising networks and a campaign performance analytics tool designed for the Japanese smartphone app market. I helped grow Metaps from a 12-person startup to a full-fledged public company, with an IPO in August of 2015.

My primary duties consisted of:
• Managing advertising campaign progress for Metaps overseas branch sales team members.
• Communicating with the CEO, CTO, CFO, and COO about the status of new product launches, project updates, and customer KPI information.
• Consulting with customers and sales teams about Metaps advertising networks and analytics tools.
• Acting as Lead Project Manager to integrate Kochava (an internal tracking partner) and tested integrations of other ad tracking platforms with advertisers for quality control.
• Writing Python and Bash shell scripts to analyze user data and improve campaign performance. Managed ad campaign launches and monitoring important conversion metrics.
• Providing project management and consultation for Ad Network integrations. Integrated major ad tracking partners as Ad-X, Tune, Kochava, and Adjust.
• Coordinating and attending trade shows relevant to smartphone applications.
• Authoring and maintaining integration documentation for Metaps advertising and publishing services.
• Translating sales materials, engineering documents, and website content from Japanese to English.

Smartphone Application Engineer

At Colopl I developed games and features for Android and iOS Smartphone devices.

My daily duties consisted of the following:
• Developing Smartphone applications for iOS and Android platforms while continually improving these products with new features.
• Creating 3D gaming elements in Unity.
• Collaborating with the design team to create levels, in-app-purchases, and virtual items.
• Meeting regularly with fellow software engineers, test engineers, creative team members, and project managers to plan improvements.
• Tracking schedule and product life cycle through the daily scrum.
• Improving app performance by optimizing CPU, memory, and storage usage.
• Communicating with internal beta testers and support teams to resolve service issues. Researching areas for growth of gaming services in other countries.
• Japanese to English interpretation between foreign partners and customers.
• Japanese to English translation of game content.

Director of Mobile Integration

At Cirius, I used my entrepreneurial savvy and technical background to coordinate the engineering team in Tokyo to satisfy the California branch office’s business development needs.

My most significant achievements include:
• Developing the AdLocal location-based advertising SDK for iOS and Android. Authoring location-based ad delivery in PHP for Japanese web portals.
• Managing features and additions to our advertiser and publisher service APIs. Facilitating committees of engineers to organize our bug database in bug triage meetings.
• Initiating a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for quickly handling emergencies around the clock. The BCP area of focus included: creating an on-call engineer schedule, organizing an alert system, and reviewing service failures.
• Communicating with publishers that integrated AdLocal services to improve their advertising revenue and transforming their needs into engineering features.
• Reporting to the CTO and CEO regarding integration and software development plans.

Senior Software Engineer

At Skyfire, I was a lead engineer for Symbian and Windows Mobile Smartphone application development.

My most significant achievements include:
• Writing C++ application and server code in Visual Studio and Eclipse.
• Implementing native audio and video code using a customized game engine.
• Managing local engineers and contractors abroad in India to create a Smartphone browser with rich-media experience, including Adobe Flash content.
• Meeting with the CEO, CTO, and VP of Engineering to discuss project status.
• Working with Product Managers and User Interface designers to manage which features to be released.
• Assisting QA and Community managers to solve end-user issues with Skyfire.

Senior Software Engineer

At Shutterfly, I was a Windows C++ developer for Shutterfly Studio, a popular image management and editing application.
My most significant achievements include:
• Creating new editing and organization features for Shutterfly Studio.
• Optimizing/profiling code, fixing bugs, and adding new features.
• Managing the weekly task list; tracking bugs, defects, and features in JIRA. Meeting with QA Engineers and take on important issues as they arise.
• Writing technical specifications for use by the QA and User Experience teams.

Senior Software Engineer

As a software architect, my primary role was developing Yaplock, a message encryption plug-in for AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger. I used Visual Studio, C++, and Wireshark for development.

Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration – MBA, Business Administration and Management, General

Postgraduate Degree, Contract Management, Quality Management, Risk Management, Project Planning & Control

Bachelor of Science – BS, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Japanese Studies

Japanese Studies

Licenses and Certifications

Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2

Advanced Japanese Intensive Course

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) 3

Certificate in Project Management