Rita Ehichioya
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Online Retail Retail
Product Manager || UI/UX Designer

As a Product Manager and UX/UI Designer, I Manage products and solve problems with design by building accessible and inclusive products and also improving people’s quality of life

As a Designer with a background in Product Management, I’m passionate about discovering problems, managing and also designing products that provide a seamless experience for users through empathy research and design thinking. I am very passionate about customer satisfaction, retention and revenue growth.

My experience in Product Design lies in Problem Discovery, Product and User Research, Mobile Design, Web Design and Visual Design to create improved experiences for users regardless of their education, age or status

My experience in Product Management lies in product research, documentation such as User Stories, Product Backlog, Product Discovery, Product Roadmap etc

Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Consumer PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Relationship building Market analysis Data retrieval Performance tracking Writing and presentation Product vision Business model design Product roadmap Build vs buy vs partner Feature prioritization Product requirements User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Agile methodologies Growth experiments Market positioning Distribution planning
Skill Progression

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Product Manager

1. Defined product goals, scopes and deliverables to enhance user engagement
2. Conducted in-depth market research and interviewing users to gather user feedback and prioritize pain points in product development
3. Analyzed customer feedback and drive continuous product improvement
4. Proposed feature specifications and write clear and actionable user stories
5. Collaborated with a cross-functional team and established product delivery timelines in close collaboration with the development team.

UI/UX Designer

1. Worked in a fast-paced and scrum environments
2. Conducted thorough research, competitive analysis and understanding of the business goals and objectives and also the target users
3. Collaborated with other UI designers, UX designers, developers and
4. Created site maps, user flows, wireframes and mockups for design based on proven methodologies, and end-user feedback
5. Brainstormed with peers and other members of the design team to determine enhancements and product features
6. Designed an end-to-end design for a payments product
7. Produced rapid prototype

Degree Programs

Product management

Bachelor of Technology – BTech, Agricultural science

Licenses and Certifications

Cert Prep: Scrum Master

UI/UX Design

Advance Your Skills as a User Experience Researcher

Become a User Experience Designer

Learning Design Thinking

Surveys and Questionnaires for UX Projects

Technology for Product Managers

UX Research: Journey Mapping

Great Product Manager – Practical Product Management Course

Learn Figma Essentials for UI/UX Design (2021)

Product Management: Building a Product Roadmap

Product Management: Customer Development

UX Foundations: Research