Benjamin Stein
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Rookie (2/6)
Finance Tech
Growth and Operations

I am a highly motivated, insightful product manager turned Sales Operations and Business Development lead. I have traveled the world and am always looking for opportunities to learn from others and emerge as a leader while bringing value to the people I work with.

Evaluated for Director of Product and Growth PM role archetype
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Head of Sales and Business Development

Director Of Business Development

Square Professional Services Lead

I lead an incredible team of 9 individuals who help you get setup and running on Square through 1 on 1 attention. SPS connects your business with a Square Expert who will work with you to set up a customized roll out and training plan, configure your account settings (including menu, and employees), and perform hardware installations and trainings. Square Experts are well versed in business operations and can also help you run your business more efficiently by leveraging industry best practices to identify areas of improvement for your business (for example managing cash drawers).

Beta Programs Lead

Square’s Beta Program improves the health of Square products and helps people understand how to use them through both direct support interactions as well as scalable solutions. We work across hardware, mobile, and web to drive down bug counts and shape product direction using customer feedback across 4 main areas:

• Bugs – We collect bug reports through a variety of channels, reproduce them, and then file them to the appropriate product team.

• Feature Requests – We work with product managers to identify blockers to launch, prioritize the roadmap based on customer feedback, and collect requirements and additional information when building requested features.

• FAQ – We use this to assess how intuitive a product is to use. This feedback gets routed to product managers and product marketing for potential product improvement or to our support team so it can be included in product support training at launch.

• Feedback – We use this to categorize all other feedback and gauge the feeling or reaction to the product once being used.

In addition, we support product teams by:
– Working with analytics to identify a target beta merchant list, as well as identify and measure key success metrics to evaluate product/feature performance.
– Supporting user education documentation by collaborating on content and product messaging to be included in webinars, white papers, and other product launch collateral.
– Managing customer support cases on a daily basis, which includes verifying cases, analyzing data, isolating and diagnosing the problem, and resolving the issue where possible.
– Collaborating with Product Marketing, Product, and Engineering in supporting customer visits, product demonstrations, design reviews, and customer training programs.
– Analyzing and monitoring key user and operational metrics to help drive improvements to our product and support offerings.

Marketing Manager

ionGrid was a small 8 man team acquired by NetApp in 2013. My responsibilities included web site development, inbound marketing, content marketing, event management, PR, video production, blogging, sales enablement, and marcom. Some highlights below:

• Doubled unique monthly website visits over 6 month period with zero marketing spend.
• Built and executed strategy for website development (roadmap) and web-traffic growth.
• Researched and implemented analytics tools to aid lead gen and sales processes.

Social Media
• Managed all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Blog.
• Created videos and content assets to engage followers and fans.
• Developed and implemented strategy to convert fans and followers into qualified leads for sales.
• Wrote thought leadership pieces for ionGrid blog, categories included enterprise mobility, industry analysis, company updates, enterprise security.

Lead and Demand Generation and Sales Enablement
• Email Campaigns – Designed, wrote, and executed numerous email campaigns for lead gen, demand gen, and sales enablement. 30% open rate, 15% click through rate, sub .79% opt out rate.
• Events – Organized the logistics of webinars and trade show events including giveaways, apparel, content assets, presentations, and speakers.
• Marketing Content and Collateral – Developed strategy and collateral for lead gen, demand gen, lead nurturing, sales enablement, and business development content. Provided editorial review for all content pieces prior to publishing.

Degree Programs

BSBA, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Organization and Human Resources

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No Licenses or Certifications Found.