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Senior Project Manager

 As a Senior Project Manager, I orchestrate and optimize NFQ projects with international clients, leading teams to exceed expectations and achieve remarkable results.

**Projects that Ignite My Passion:**

Depot – Elevating E-commerce Excellence
At Depot, a prominent E-commerce platform serving the furniture industry, my role as a Senior Scrum Master involves implementing project management best practices and fostering Agile engineering methodologies. Guiding a cross-functional team of professionals, I coach, facilitate Scrum ceremonies, and collaborate closely with the Product Owner to align project goals. My proactive approach to eliminating roadblocks ensures uninterrupted progress and optimal productivity.

Actindo – Orchestrating Cloud ERP Excellence
Actindo, a pioneer in Cloud ERP solutions, has entrusted me as a Senior Project Manager. I manage developer teams, ensuring the highest quality client deliverables. My responsibility includes creating detailed reports for engineering leadership, conducting budget analyses, and implementing the Scrum framework for enhanced team performance. By maintaining a keen focus on resource management, I consistently ensure timely project completion.

VenTrade – Revolutionizing Trading Excellence
At VenTrade, a trading company with a focus on innovation, I lead a dynamic team of developers and testers. My strategic planning has significantly enhanced the system by identifying and addressing data inconsistencies and technical bugs. By introducing Agile and Scrum methodologies, I streamline workflows, host Scrum ceremonies, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. This has led to delivering new product features promptly and transparently.

Senior Project Manager

My Journey:

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As a seasoned Project Manager at Queen Tech Solutions, my journey revolves around driving excellence in software development and project management.

Key Responsibilities:
Leading a dynamic team of 20+ developers and testers, I prioritize delivering top-notch quality to clients. My responsibilities encompass:

Analyzing and defining project scopes based on requirements.
Conducting system analysis to ensure alignment with customer needs. Creating backlogs, user stories, features, and epics for comprehensive project planning.
Crafting weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports for the CEO, providing insights into project progress and outcomes.
Owning projects end-to-end, from requirement gathering to delivery and post- delivery support.
Developing documentation, workflow diagrams, and user flow diagrams for effective project communication.
Agile Transformation Champion:

Introducing Agile Engineering Practices that foster innovation, collaboration, and iterative development.
Coaching team members to enhance their capabilities and drive continuous improvement.

Hosting and facilitating essential Scrum ceremonies such as Daily Stand- up Meetings, sprint planning, backlog refinement, sprint review, and retrospectives.
Collaborating closely with Product Owners to manage product backlogs and align project priorities with client needs.

Expertly removing roadblocks to ensure seamless progress.

Driving Organizational Excellence:
Empowering the organization with Scrum adoption strategies, planning Scrum implementations, and executing changes to enhance productivity. Showcasing a track record of successful large-scale projects, including:
Suez Cement Live Tracking Platform
Suez Cement Customer Orders Platform
Jelactiv Platform (Website & App)
High-jet Booking Bus Tickets Platform (Website & App)
MDC Mini Vezeeta App

Senior Project Manager

ERP | Food Industry Transformer
An ERP system powered by Odoo. Focused on +30 restaurants across Kuwait, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, this system transcends technology to become their operational lifeline.

Key Accomplishments:

Empowering a High-Impact Team
Managed a dynamic team of +15 software engineers dedicated to maintaining the ERP system’s integrity and functionality.
Led cross-functional collaboration, ensuring a harmonious blend of technical prowess and strategic vision.

Revolutionizing System Refactoring:
Took the reins in planning a comprehensive system refactoring strategy. This game-changing move addressed data inconsistencies, and technical bugs, and propelled the system’s performance by a staggering 90%.
The result? Hundreds of hours saved quarterly, previously spent on maintenance and bug fixes.
Transformed the system to welcome +500 new clients, ensuring scalability and resilience.

Agile Transformation and Fast-Track Product Features:
Engineered a cultural shift by implementing an Agile/Scrum framework into the project workflow.
This transformation resulted in expedited new product feature finalization, empowering business owners with rapid innovation and clarity.

Resource Management and Requirement Validation:
Validated and meticulously reviewed requirements for new features, ensuring seamless integration and alignment with the system’s logic.

Driving Performance with Data-Driven KPIs:
Engineered a robust KPI system, revolutionizing team and individual performance assessment.
By measuring productivity, quality, and timing, I propelled the team toward new heights of efficiency and excellence.

Seamless Collaboration and Documentation:
Forged a bridge between technical and business teams, collaborating closely to create comprehensive system documentation.
This strategic move streamlined new employee onboarding, ensuring a seamless and productive transition.

Product Designer

Product Designer (Trainee)
? Implementing product design process
? Implementing AGILE methodology
? interviewing product owners
? product design based on user interviews

Senior Project Manager

About Sectheater:
At Sectheater, we blend innovation and education by specializing in online courses and crafting versatile software products such as CRM, eCommerce platforms, Blogs, LMS, and Hospital Management Systems. Our approach adapts seamlessly to project types and states, utilizing methodologies like Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, and Agile/Kanban.

My Journey:
As a dedicated Project Manager and Educator, I’m on a mission to redefine learning experiences and software innovation at Sectheater.

Highlights of My Role:

Leading a diverse team of 20+ developers, testers, and instructors to ensure impeccable quality delivery to clients.
Meticulously analyzing project scopes based on requirements to ensure alignment with goals.

Orchestrating project scope planning and definition for streamlined execution. Managing resources with precision, ensuring 100% adherence to timing and distribution.
Crafted comprehensive documentation, workflow diagrams, and flow chart diagrams to enhance project clarity.

Spearheaded risk management, mitigation, and contingency planning to ensure seamless project progression.
Conducted customer interviews during kickoff, retrospective, and release meetings, driving requirements setting and feedback collection.

Expertly operated and managed the instructors’ department, facilitating excellence in online courses.
Leading the Cryptography Instructor role, sharing expertise and fostering knowledge in this critical field.

Impacting Learning and Software Excellence:
My journey merges education and innovation, focusing on optimizing online courses and software projects. The synergy between these aspects empowers both teams and learners alike.

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Executive MBA, Business Administration and Management


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