Tosin Akintibu
Skill Score
Master (5/6)
Information Technology
Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Community Lead


•Developing and executing strategic plans.
•Update company’s data base with new information and next line of action
•Developed relationships with senior decision makers within potential clients.
•Maintain a detailed delivery calendar to coordinate schedules and appointments

Technical Writer

Focused on Space,AI and Data Science blogs and articles.

Regional Coordinator

Young Global Foundation is a youth-led organization concerned about making youths find their God given talents.
•I spearhead and monitor the administrative tasks in the organization.
•Make sure we have our weekly trainings on Sundays and Wednesdays.
•Get trainers ready for the trainings
•Monitor the progress of our social media platforms
•Draft out future plans for effectiveness
•Submit weekly reports


Chairperson,Training Retreat

– I participated in getting new recruits for 2020 LO year and we got above 200 interested volunteers(intending jaycees)
-I organized and supervised online trainings for the intending jaycees.
-I brought our alumnis on the platform to engage with the intending jaycees on what they stand to gain as a jaycee.
-I organized question and answer session and made some compensation available so as to get them familiar about what the organization is about



Crimpact Enterprise is passionately dedicated to inspiring creativity and positive thinking. Our services include publications, public speaking, and video interviews/discussions.

-I spearhead and direct the publication department
-I make sure we produce a publiaction monthly
-I supported the CEO in updating our style of writing from naming all publications Reflect to naming each publication with the EIC Article title to enhance diversity and attract potential buyers
-I encouraged the team to make use of keyword in our articles to enhance SEO
-I supported and encouraged the system of selling our publications on amazon in contrast to our former adverts on just our website
-I send useful tips and materials to build the team in area of content marketing in order to boost their performance in the organization

Strategy Manager

Content Developer

– I wrote articles for our publication
– I suggested the idea of having a LinkedIn account for the company
– I took part in marketing our publication
– I attended all meetings to suggest ideas that further our effectiveness in the company

Web Development Intern

•Created a study planner website to help students create timetable and send reminders.
•Created an electronic software medical dashboard

Data Science Intern

Executive Director

Entrepreneurship Team Head

Content/Press Team Lead

Hultprize is a social enterprise that host an event annually for students to participate in an innovation challenge for $1M.

– I spearheaded the content team
– I coordinated the team to make sure we prepare outstanding contents for all our posts across our social media platforms
– I wrote a pre-event press release that got published by oaukilonshele
– I wrote a post-event press release that got published by 3 websites

Customer Care Representative (Intern)

Osun State Lead

Collaborating with other volunteers to mentor girls in secondary schools on different topics like financial literacy, leadership,menstrual cycle, entrepreneurship in which girls are exposed to different skills like catering,bag making,soap making and others working towards achieving the goals of SDG5 (Gender Equality). Working with others to provide essential materials to Orphanages in Nigeria where Osun State is a branch.

Public Relations Officer

Dissemination of bulk and mass information to members before any said meetings ,outreaches and program.

General Secretary and Content Developer

Plan and documentation of every meetings. Keeps all record in script ,diagram ,statistics and pictures for future references and for official purposes. Also,a writer in seedsow,writing to impact lives. My pen name is Doc-intel.

Community Lead

Degree Programs

Picodegree Program, Artificial intelligence

Bachelor of Science – BS, Zoology

Picodegree Program, Artificial intelligence

Bachelor of Science – BS, Zoology

Licenses and Certifications

Artificial intelligence Picodegree Program

Data Science With Python

Python for Data Science

Creating and Maintaining Social Enterprises

Fundamentals of Grant Writing

Management Strategies for People and Resources

Strategies for Personal Growth and Development

Workforce Collaboration and Development

Leadership Stories: 5-Minute Lessons in Leading People

Project Management Foundations

The Data Science of Economics, Banking, and Finance, with Barton Poulson