Aman Mittal
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Finance Tech
Evaluated for and PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Product Owner

• Supporting management in designing offerings for BFS partners in the form of
technical integrations & platform capabilities.
• Driving the execution of all product lifecycle processes for products, including product research, market research, competitive analysis, planning, positioning, roadmap development, requirements development, and product launch (web and mobile)
• Supporting rollout of new capabilities in conjunction with other verticals such as
research and operations
• Communicating closely with customer service, research, operation, marketing, and sales teams with our platform capabilities, making sure every team understand how to use and promote the business offerings.
• Collaboration with the operations team to understand various operational strategies,
service delivery processes through involvement in several projects.


Helping in fundraising from local business-men.
Distribution of govt. sponsored insurance policies to underprivileged segment.
Part of team involved in overall strategy and expenditure of funds.
Pilot on Dry-cow farming with government sponsored projects.


• Working in Organizational Excellence and Service Quality department. My job role helps me understand various banking process like API banking, Liability Services, Retail loans and digital banking.
• Part of disruptive Individual lending city-based Fin-tech product focused upon providing financial and banking services to small retailers successfully launched PAN India
• Part of core team in Product designing, App integration, App development, Testing and Pilot launch of Retail Loan product.
• Financial inclusion of unorganized retailer’s segment in India
• Part of core team in launching of Liabilities product in rural India for encouraging saving habits on organized market-place.

Area Manager

Oversaw operations of 24 crores area, including allocation of portfolio to branches, strategy development for targets, community outreach for addition of clients in JLG groups, and forecasting.
Assessed financial excel reports to evaluate branch and staffwise performance, develop targeted improvements and implement changes resulting in increase in performance of staff.
Learned about rural customer buying trends, market conditions and working of Micro-finance-NBFC industry.
Learned about Supervision of 15 branch managers and team of 95 for completion of targets and resolving conflicts.
Learned about coordination with support teams such as IT, administration and other business teams.
Conducted training sessions with my mentor to educate employees on best practices in MFI and motivation of staff for target achievement.

Field Work and Research

Overview and understanding of the latest technologies in the field of Environment.
Field visits to understand environment implications of development projects and how to mitigate them.


Technical assistance to farmer producer organizations through value chain interventions. Value chain of maize in whole Saharsa district was studied by personal interviews of 200 Farmers, 20 local traders, 10 big traders and institutional buyers of the district. Business modal of farmer Producer Company was studied to identify its limitations, problems and alternative business modal were suggested. Farmers were mobilized through video disseminations in village organization, self-help group meetings to become the shareholder of producer company.

Field Work

Village stay at Panchayat to understand Microfinance operations, working of Joint Liability and Self Help Groups and programs for financial inclusion at the village level

Field Work

Field visit in Jabalpur district, MP to understand village environment and implementation of government schemes at village and block level.
Overview of the functioning of NGO at ground level for creating livelihood opportunities and upliftment of marginalized sections of society.
Understanding of PRA tools, Village survey and mapping, Honey collection process and interaction with members of Self Help Group.



Performance of Evaluation properties of soap and benchmarking of soap samples of various FMCG’s. Worked in the research and development lab of the company to learn about various techniques used for assessing the properties of toilet soaps.

Degree Programs

Fellow, Climate Change

Fellowship, Impact Enterpreneurship

PGDFM, Management

Bachelor’s Degree, Chemical Technology -Oil Technology

High School

Licenses and Certifications

Business Foundations


FinTech Foundations and Overview

Financial Globalization, Capital Flows, and the Global Financial Cycle

Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy, and Financial Education in Asia

Marketing in Digital World

What is Social (Social Marketing)

Stock Market Basics

Product Management

Technical Analysis-Stocks