What does good expert feedback look like?

Expert review

What does good feedback look like for a professional looking to break into product management?

We thought a lot about providing good feedback to product professionals at Prowess and came up with 5 traits –

The expert should not know who the professional is to reduce bias in evaluation. Feedback should be about skills, not the person.

the feedback should provide details about the professional’s strengths and improvement areas for the skills and industry tagged in the project.

The feedback should provide actionable next steps to improve a professional’s craft.

The feedback should be easy to understand without buzz words.

Professional should be able to execute on the feedback in 1-3 months to make tangible progress. People don’t want a year-long plan. They prefer step-by-step incremental improvement.

I recently received feedback for a product design project from Jennifer Mazzon, a seasoned product leader with experience at Google, Coursera, and Evidation Health. The feedback helped me know my blind spots, build my expert-vetted portfolio, and showcase my skills to employers.

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