Communications on Product Improvements

These days product improvement is a terminology that is commonly used in companies to describe the changes happening in the product. Let’s talk about the process in detail.

The improvement of understanding is for two ends: first, our own increase of knowledge; secondly, to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others.
-John Locke

Improvement is a positive part of life. In any aspect, improvement or advancement helps in making a product or item updated and advanced. It can be seen in a company or an organization as well. 

Product Improvement

Product improvement can be described as a process of making significant changes in the product that results in increased revenue, clientele, and other benefits in a company or an organization. The concept of product improvement is not only updating the existing product but also adding new features to it. There are some types of improvements that are observed by the users in the market. They are frequency improvements, deliberate improvements, and adoption improvements. Introducing and implementing product improvement is not just the role of product owner but also of product manager, development team, stakeholders and essentially other members of the company as well.

                               product improvement

Product improvement is important for a company. It is like maintaining a home so that its value does not decrease over the years. 


  • Product improvement makes a product more reliable, and durable and ensures better performance with time. 
  • Product improvement results in a new product that is superior and outperforms the competition in the market.
  • It is important to improve the product brand’s name and therefore increase its market share. 
  • Most significantly, product improvement is essential for attracting new customers and therefore increasing the revenue of a company.

Communicating Product Improvements to the Team

Communicating product improvements to the team is of utmost importance. The team needs to have a vision of what needs to be done and the right process to do it. Product improvements can be communicated to the team by the product manager so they understand the changes that need to be implemented in a product. With proper communication, the team can add new features to the existing products, improve the existing features in a product and ensure that the products are compliable with the market needs.                  

To introduce product changes to the users, you need to introduce them to the team first. To do so,

1. Prepare the internal teams and stakeholders

Before announcing the changes about a product to the users, it is of paramount importance that you prepare the internal teams and the stakeholders. It helps in the internal alignment of the team regarding the project. The role of product owner is to create a product launch plan and provide it to the stakeholders so they are kept in loop about product improvements.

2. Establishing communication strategy

Communication strategy involves a detailed and thorough plan regarding product improvement. It is between the teams and the product manager. It includes introducing a product launch plan among many things. An effective communication strategy will help you to understand the customers and their needs in the upcoming product change. 

3. Prepare the users and announce the change

After the internal teams know about the change, it is the role of product owner to prepare the users that are impacted by the change. It is essential to leverage Customer Success, Support, and Marketing Teams and to set expectations with the customers in advance before the change reaches them. After this, go and announce the change in the market!

4. Gathering feedback and analyzing the success 

Once the deed is done, measure your success and optimize the product by getting feedback from the customers. 

Communicating Product Improvement to Users

To understand communicating product improvements, you need to understand the ‘why’. Communicating about the product and keeping the users updated about the product helps in creating the groundwork for a positive reaction. It leads to increased product adoption as well as a decrease in negative feedback from users. 

                               communicating product improvement to users

We present here a few ways how you can communicate product improvements to the users. 

Public Product Roadmaps

One of the most common ways to communicate with users is using a roadmap. To talk about product improvements across an organization, public roadmaps are being used. This helps in increasing the engagement of the users and also to collect insights efficiently with user testing and groups.


Modal windows are used by the product manager for effective communication about product improvements to users. Modals highlight the new features or a redesign. The modals appear either separately or in a series. They are used mostly when there is onboarding or redesigning of a product. 


Walkthroughs are mostly responsible at the time of the onboarding of a product but can also be seen at the time of product changes including visible animations, opt-in opening, and straight-to-the-point copy. Walkthroughs use many features like modals and tooltips to guide tours to the users about a product. 

Other than this, the role of product owner includes creating webinars and demo videos to help the users understand the improvements been made to the product. releasing notes, tooltips, sending emails, blogging, and sharing new updates about the product on social media are other significant and effective ways of communication between the company and the users about the product. 


Hence it can be seen that for smaller iterative improvements, the product team of the companies holds bi-weekly meetings with Client Success, Support, Relationship Management, and Sales Folks attached to the products. Then weekly product demos are also performed at multiple companies.


The article talks about the process of product improvement. It can be described as making changes in the product for the greater good. The importance of product improvement is that it makes a product more reliable and creates an upgraded version of the product that will help in increasing its value in the market. We talk here about the communication on product improvement to the team as well as the users. To introduce product improvement to the team, you need to prepare the internal teams and stakeholders, establish a communication strategy, prepare the users and announce the change and gather feedback while analyzing the success of the changes. A few ways of introducing product improvement to the users include public product roadmaps, modals, walkthroughs, creating webinars and demo videos, releasing notes, tooltips, sending emails, blogging, and sharing new updates about the product on social media.

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