Global Competitive Landscape For Online Learning Platforms


Business model design
Market analysis
Writing and presentation
MOOC player map


Online learning market has been growing significantly during COVID. There is lot of interest from VC firms to invest in Education Tech. One of the VC firms wants to know the current landscape of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).


  1. Identify key MOOC players in the market
  2. Find the size of the market and growth in the market. You may restrict your work to one country of your choice.
  3. Explain the key differentiators between different players
  4. Cleary define business model of at least 3 players
  5. Recommend which business model, region or content area is worth pursuing.

Please only consider players that have more than 1M registered users and offer courses in more than one subject area. You may also provide information on the content acquisition strategies and future plans of key players around the world.


3 page document or 8 slides presentation.

The key players in the market follow different strategies to serve customers around the  world. A few takeaways

  • Every players has strong focus on enterprise channel due to high demand for workforce development and lifelong learning trends
  • Strong content acquisition strategies are critical for the success of online learning platforms
  • The players have expanded globally by forging partnerships with individual instructors and institutions around the world

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