Our Mission

Make the world more equitable by championing meritocracy and increasing access to opportunities for professionals
Prowess is an outcomes company. There are no gatekeepers, admission criteria, or certifications. Anyone from anywhere can join to learn, showcase their work, and receive mentorship to upskill and get matched with job opportunities. The only things we ask from our members are drive and curiosity - for the rest of the journey we promise to walk with them to create tangible career outcomes.

Our eight Beliefs

  • 1. Equal Opportunity To Showcase Skills

    Everyone should be able to demonstrate their unique skills to increase access to economic opportunity

  • 2. Skills Matter More Than Pedigree

    Ability to get things done i.e., skills should be the pillar of hiring, not pedigree or credentials

  • 3. Drive And Curiosity Show Long Term Potential

    Professionals who can persevere through tough problems and have a desire to learn tend to succeed in the long term

  • 4. Building Things And Delivering Results Demonstrate Skills

    The best way to showcase skills is by doing the work i.e. ideating, designing and building projects that move the needle

  • 5. Resumes Are Antiquated

    Everyone knows this but employers, recruiters, and candidates still rely on subjective and inflated resumes to showcase and evaluate skills. This needs to stop and professionals should have an avenue to demonstrate skills instead of wordsmithing the resume

  • 6. References And Endorsements Are Mostly Unreliable

    We selectively get references and request endorsements from people who like us, irrespective of merit. That's not very credible. Credible endorsements are from experts who know our field of work, and have objectively evaluated our performance.

  • 7. There Is A Lot Of Untapped Talent

    The current signals for skill and talent restrict a lot of professionals from showing their real prowess. We have to expand the talent discovery landscape by going beyond traditional signals to build a merit-based system

  • 8. Experts Want To Help Others Learn Their Craft

    People like to help others and teaching is one of the best ways to pay it forward. People with expertise want to share their knowledge and experience with others not just because it feels good but also because it is the right thing to do

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