Marcial Popoca Gonzalez
Skill Score
Professional (3/6)
Ground Transportation
Evaluated for Director of Product and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Vehicle Experience Product Manager

I oversee and spearhead the regional “Life on Board” product strategy for future models within EMEA, Russia and Oceania, developing strategic plans. Leading, monitoring, and mentoring a team that proposes adoption of new & missing elements as well as ensure competitiveness, innovation, and sustainability. I create, enhance, and determine roadmaps through cross-functional exposure and leadership. Moreover, I deliver exceptional efforts in conducting competitor data and trend analysis.

Key Achievements:

• Ensured operational profit for new technologies by devising and delivering productive proposals for adoption.
• Played an active role in coordinating special edition, driving additional profit and media savings.
• Secured incremental profit by developing and proposing color line-up optimization.

Product Regional Manager – EVan and Trucks

Directed customer understanding and lifecycle management for existing/upcoming vehicles in the regional product pipeline across Europe. As a Subject Matter Expert (SME), I defined future products and coordinated delivery based on concept, risks, and competitiveness; generated data-driven reports, presenting findings to senior leadership. Key supporter for product launch activities, contributing as a product expert. Acted as Product Decision meeting coordinator resulting in exposure to executives.

Key Achievements::

• Secured yearly program profits valued at €3.4M by delivering line-up optimizations.
• Exhibited exceptional efforts in executing connected services capability to pick-up segments.
• Established Product Decision Meeting policies, guidelines and best practices

Product Regional Manager – Frame & EV

Headed and supervised multi-faceted and cross-functional team to deliver product life-cycle strategy, roadmap definition, new product launches, and product improvements for seven nameplates. I directed activities for effective product strategy/roadmap creation, positioning, and initial pricing assessments to build business cases. Led the regional adaptation by leveraging global strategies.

Key Achievements::

• Initiated Nissan’s full-size SUV and Diesel Pick-Up across Mexico.
• Incorporated the value-added strategy to ensure profit improvement of medium pick-up.

Advanced Planning Sr. Specialist LATAM

Defined Nissan and Infiniti future product portfolio strategies within the Latin American region. Performed analysis of future trends and forecasted future customer needs and technological developments. Procured future needs and product concepts by compiling and evaluating demographic, political, social, and economic indicators.

Key Highlights:

• Designed, developed, and delivered effective proposals for introducing the Nissan GT-R within the Mexico and LATAM markets.
• Confirmed future portfolio for replacing models to secure business continuity

Test and News Supervisor

Tests and news partner. Responsible for vehicle tests and automotive related news team. Involved in public relations and development of social network contents.

Genera Manager – Own Business

General Manager. Devised, developed, and delivered effective product strategies, business plans, and marketing actions. Directed all facets surrounding brand image, market research, product development/pricing, competition analysis, supplier control, loss prevention, and process optimization.

Key Highlights:

• Created business model.
• Designed brand image and new channel development to optimize sales.
• Oversaw supplier negotiations and joint developments, resulting in cost optimization.

Product Planning Specialist LATAM – LCV

Envision new opportunities for company’s products by overseeing and evaluating SUV/LCV segments within the Latin American markets. Created, developed, and delivered commercial strategies regarding product specification, volume, and price for actual and upcoming vehicles.

Key Highlights:

• Developed and deployed effective strategies to ensure optimization and complexity reduction of line up.
• Delivered exceptional efforts in ensuring productive roadmap for next generation model introduction.

Degree Programs

Post-Grad, Marketing

Bachelors, Industrial Engineering

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