Wesley Himes
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Novice (1/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
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Agile methodologies Build vs buy vs partner Business model design Distribution planning Feature prioritization Growth experiments Market analysis Market positioning Marketing collateral Pricing strategy Product requirements Product roadmap Product vision Sales training and support Stakeholder alignment User feedback review User research
Skill Progression

Security Operations Manager

• Monitoring and analyzing security systems, conducting regular patrols, responding promptly to incidents, collaborating with law enforcement when required, enforcing property rules, investigating suspicious activities, assisting residents with security concerns, maintaining accurate records, conducting safety drills, and staying updated on security trends and technologies. The specialist ensures a safe environment by implementing and managing security protocols while providing guidance on safety measures.

Festival Technical Support Agent

• I play a key role in addressing and resolving inquiries through live chat and tickets, encompassing technical questions related to account management, user interface, and support for OTT or live streaming. I conducted troubleshooting, offering tailored recommendations based on users’ equipment and addressing issues such as OS/ browser compatibility, settings, bandwidth, and device configuration. My responsibilities includes organizing and appropriately tagging technical support tickets, escalating urgent issues, ensuring accurate information is recorded in customer accounts, and communicating updates to internal stakeholders. I will communicate and document inappropriate behavior and operational and employee issues to the appropriate team member or point of contact.
• Assisted in the construction of training material for seasonal employees to assist customers.
• Provided support to team coordinator in completing assigned tasks..
• Monitored & assisted a team of 13 agents during festival season.

Credit Fraud Customer Service | Account Manager

• Addressed Cardmember inquiries related to fraud and security concerns, including verifying flagged transactions, authenticating callers, and handling account fraud reports. Responsibilities included managing incoming calls and transfers, and utilizing excellent customer service skills to conduct necessary fraud verification methods such as caller authentication and transaction verification.

Customer Care Specialist

• Communicated with multiple customers simultaneously, addressing individual needs with timely and quality assistance. Additionally, I provided detailed information on company products, services, and materials, ensuring up to-date customer accounts and system databases to support accuracy and efficiency. Known for recording product or service failure complaints and notifying relevant departments, I excelled at defusing customer concerns through exceptional conflict and problem resolution skills.

Direct Support Professional

• Administered medications as prescribed by physicians and closely monitored patient progress, documenting any health status changes for the care team’s awareness. I maintained up-to-date patient files by recording current vitals, behaviors, and other pertinent data crucial for treatment planning. Additionally, I ensured a safe and clean environment for patients under my care, prioritizing their well-being and treatment adherence.

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Bachelor of Science

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