Tejaswini R
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Consumer PM role archetype
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Top Skills
Data retrieval Growth experiments Metrics definition Performance tracking Agile methodologies API integration Listening Market analysis Negotiation Relationship building Writing and presentation
Skill Progression

Associate Product Manager

Led cross-functional teams through the entire product lifecycle, fostering collaboration between engineering, design, marketing, and sales, resulting in the successful launch of a key feature. Accelerated customer engagement by planning and delivering personalized experiences. Utilized data analytics and market research to inform product decisions, implemented A/B testing methodologies, and iteratively improved product features, resulting in ~19% YOY increase in user engagement. Played a key role in Improving products app store ratings from 3.5 to ~4.2 by prioritzing and delivering delightful features at right time. Leveraged Miro for strategic planning, leading to a increase in market share by identifying and targeting untapped customer segments with new product features. Utilized Chattermill to analyze customer feedback at scale, identifying key pain points that informed the development of 2 major feature updates, leading to a 12% increase in customer retention rates.

Technical Bussiness Analyst / Product Owner

Translated features into user stories within the team’s backlog while managing, ranking, and prioritizing this backlog to reflect stakeholder’s requirements and to maximize the value of the product. Leveraged in-depth REST API knowledge to refine and slice user stories, significantly enhancing team agility and ensuring precise feature alignment with customer needs. Utilized Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics to gather actionable insights, driving data-driven decision-making that improved product features and user engagement by 16%. Developed comprehensive product strategies for both B2B and B2C applications, aligning with business objectives and market demands to ensure a user-centric approach. Spearheaded the development of web applications and React Native apps for B2C and B2B travel platforms, delivering innovative solutions that enhanced user experience and operational eJciency, resulting in a 30% growth in platform usage and a 25% increase in partner engagement.

Quality Analyst / Scrum Master

Playing a dual role of QA and Scrum Master. Positive and solution-oriented. Has excellent technical ability and a sound understanding of software debugging and testing. Actively involved in frequent deployment to production and post production monitoring and debugging of production issues with less than 2% roll backs and less than 0.5% roll back due to a bug slippage. Continually involved and led bringing in Agile best practices in the organisation. Bringing in best practices of QA Modernisation : Design and implement the best automated testing techniques and tools addressing areas including Rest API’s, SOAP services. Introduced to team Report-portal (AI-powered test automation dashboard) open source tool. Designed Rest API test automation framework with which ~96% of test cases were automated and in the same sprint as that story development took place. Facilitated sprint planning meetings, daily meetings, and retrospectives.

Lead QA

Improvised the test automation process by integrating with CI tool Jenkins ,enhanced test logging mechanism and JIRA rest API to log and track bugs which helped improve eJciency by reducing the test failure analysis time and test environment set up time by more than 50 percent. Introduced UI automation tool Sahi to the organisation. Lead a team of test automation engineers. Emerged to be best performer in lead role with highest ratings. SME and the go to person for any escalations and/or road blocks.

Senior QA Engineer

Assured consistent product quality by developing and enforcing the best possible automated test framework. Initiated, conceptualised and successfully executed a robust test automation framework for SOAP and Rest services to support a critical project for a key account. Collaborated with developers across the globe in a rapid development model to promote a proactive culture supporting bug free delivery.

Product Analyst

Built a strong foundation in white box testing using JUnit frame work and EMMA Code-Coverage framework. Worked with development team to define and implement customer change requests to enhance product functionality. Collaborated with internal team members and customer representatives to clarify relationship of business and project goals and obtain enhanced perspective of development process.

Technical Associate

Worked as a developer using BT specific Tool (Flow Design) and was exposed to agile methodology. Exposed to the world of QA through E2E manual testing. Used ticketing systems to manage and process support actions and requests.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.