Sri Nikitha Thummanapalli
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Business model design Market analysis Data retrieval Stakeholder alignment Performance tracking Growth experiments Sales training and support Relationship building
Skill Progression

Product Manager – Growth

Working in the CEO’s office for the brand positing and product marketing.

On Deck Fellow

Consultant Project Lead

Working on innovative products and materials for the reduction of construction costs by 50%
Ideated, researched, built partnerships, and prioritized features of a hardware product that can reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry


Built an MVP of a low-cost device that can detect microplastics in water bodies by working with a team of engineers, scientists, researchers, and problem-solvers from across the world

Professional Fellow

I applied design thinking and systems approach in modifying the Global Scan Survey and Poverty Probability Index surveys that increased engagement exponentially.

Innovation Enthusiast

Mastering the art of 0 to 0.5 from ideation through development. I worked on 5+ ideas and build business models for fun

Innovation Fellow

I worked closely with high-level government officials on promoting grassroots innovation and rural entrepreneurship in tier 2/3 cities and rural parts of Telangana.

It’s my true experience of starting from zero and taking it to 1.
– I developed partnerships with colleges, schools, industries, local NGOs, and students to implement programs successfully on-ground in 31 districts of Telangana, India.
– I designed, researched, and implemented 5+ programs and launched a successful campaign, “Intinta Innovator”(Still running).
– Enabled funding of 1.3 Cr to commercialize rural innovations in India, Kenya, and other countries


I worked on innovative solutions to treat industrial wastewater. And, established methods to collect data and analyse the data to improve the efficiency of the treatment plant.

Senior Executive at Process Innovation Centre for Sustainable Development

I managed operations on the shop-floor and worked on decreasing export losses of the plant. I, extensively, worked on the corrosion problem where I studied and researched on identifying and addressing the root cause.

I devised systemic solutions by promoting collaborative production planning with operators and implementing vernacular changes to understand machine operations. My interventions increased accountability of operators and improved the state of innovation.

Research Intern

– Devised an economical and holistic communication model to help Saathiyas, peer groups, to spread awareness on adolescent reproductive health
– It has been implemented in RKSK villages of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan

Summer Intern

Mathematical modelling of mechanical properties with respect to process parameters and chemical composition of different steel grades of continuous annealing line(CAL)
– Simulated regression model for Interstitial Free High Strength steels with respect to composition and process parameters
– Proposed optimal composition of Enamel steel for effective entrapment of hydrogen and excellent surface finish
– Recommended patentable compositional variations in Bake Hardened steels for its applications in automotive industry

Organizing Team Head

– Hosted highly influential speakers in India like Armstrong Pame, at TEDxIITKharagpur, 2015
– Efficiently managed a budget of INR 2,00,00 and handled the logistics for smooth organization of the event
– Held responsible for media publicity and social communications and managed the footfall of 400 students in the event


Student body under the aegis of Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy of IIT Kharagpur.
Organizing team member of IP Drive 2014 and conducted IP awareness seminars in all the departments.Online IP Portal is introduced for the patent filing in which 80 verified patents are successfully filed since March 2014.
Managing 25 team members and covering the seminars and events held in 19 departments and in various centres and schools.

Hot deformation studies on Titanium full alloy

– Examined on-site practices of 12 nuclear equipment manufacturing plants of Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad
– Studied the workability of Ti-6Al-4V for the replacement of zirconium fuel tubes in manufacturing reactor core components
– Simulated processing maps using Origin Software to study the conditions for increasing the life of fuel tubes from 5 to 30 years

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Post graduate Diploma, Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.