Sriraghav Srinivasan
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Novice (1/6)
Professional and Business Services
Strategy at Gavi | Dalberg | IIT Madras | NTU

Passionate about solving complex societal challenges at the intersection of money, meaning, and technology. Excited by product-first technology start-ups / companies that develop sustainable solutions to real-world problems in healthcare.

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Strategy, Performance and Transformation Team


Developed scalable value propositions for drip irrigation products in India that are not dependent on government subsidies for an Israeli drip irrigation company

Assessed the potential for intravenous (IV) iron drugs to alleviate morbidity and mortality associated with iron deficiency anemia and estimated the market size for IV iron drugs over the next 10 years in South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa for a major global foundation

Associate Consultant

Assessed the potential value proposition and market landscape in LMICs (across Asia and Latin America) for an infectious disease related monoclonal antibody under development for a UK-based global pharmaceutical giant

Evaluated and re-designed health data modelling efforts in LMICs for a major global foundation

Designed India’s first skilling-focused development impact bond (DIB) aimed at increasing employment post-COVID in India

Managed operational performance and COVID pivots for the Quality Education India (QEI) DIB, the world’s largest education DIB


Developed a major European Foundation’s education & health investment strategy in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines

Designed the organization and programmatic strategy for the largest philanthropic collaborative focused on climate change in India

Analyzed government entitlements provided for COVID relief in India for a global Impact Investing Fund

Undergraduate Research Intern

Conducted extensive literature review and assessed feasibility of implementing the Reservoir Computing framework based on group’s macroscopic model of Equity Markets.

Blockchain Research Intern

Worked under the guidance of Prof. Krishna Sundar at the Digital Innovation Lab (DI Lab), IIM Bangalore. Authored an academic publication (first author) in the International Journal of Electronic Governance (IJEG) proposing a blockchain-based model for secure and effective management of CSR funds leveraging smart contracts and crypto-token based tracking.

Editor In Chief

Headed a team of 22 undergraduate students and research scholars at IIT Madras to produce the Immerse magazine, which comprises scientific articles showcasing the research happening in the various departments at IIT Madras.

Undergraduate Intern

Worked cross functionally with developers, managers staffing team to develop a ML-based automated internal resource allocation tool

Problem Identification: Assessed pain points in the current staffing situation through stakeholder conversations

Solutioning (in close collaboration with developers):
(a) Designed a CV template that will be updated by all resources periodically
(b) Developed a resource allocation algorithm that mines CVs to identify skills in each resource, cross
references against resource availability development goals to show a menu of options for managers to choose their team

Impact: 40 reduced time spent by managers in staffing along with improved internal standardization

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Worked under the guidance of Dr. K. Sekar in the Laboratory for Structural Biology and Bio-computing in the Department of Computational and Data Sciences, IISc, Bangalore: (i) Developed an efficient algorithm to perform structural superposition of multiple proteins and fragment detection by incorporating the concept of quaternions; (ii) Designed a computational tool to predict the geometry of metal-ligand coordination in proteins and authored an academic publication (first author) in the Journal of Applied Crystallography about the tool.

Undergraduate Intern

Conducted secondary research on estimating the equity correlation for debt issuers using Generalized Herfindahl–Hirschman Index (HHI) for a credit portfolio and studied the performance of GHHI in capturing the diversification of the credit portfolio using data from NSE and BSE.

Project Member

Used Tableau to create an interactive dashboard showcasing state-wise analysis of power consumption and demand in India. Project exhibited at the Centre for Innovation (CFI) Open House, 2015 at IIT Madras through the Analytics Club.


Summer Internship with the Times of India (ToI).

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Biological/Biosystems Engineering

Exchange Studies – Temasek LEaRN Scholar , Biological/Biosystems Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

Python Data Structures

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling

Introduction to Marketing

Exploratory Data Analysis

Getting and Cleaning Data

R Programming

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox