Neil Sreshta
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Finance Tech
Senior Product Manager at MobiKwik

I currently work as a Senior Product Manager at MobiKwik, where I am driving growth through experimentation on existing products & develop 0-1 products to expand the product market fit of Mobikwik’s offerings.

In my 8-year experience, I have constantly challenged the status quo with first principles thinking & delivered strong impace in several forward-thinking organizations across industries & geographies:

In India
• Built new product features that enabled primarily offline sales teams to leverage online tools, increasing MAU of said tools by 2.5x
• Built a 0-1 media property with the aim of handling scale, which is used to reach the next 10M customers and educate users about financial freedom
• Rolled out out an online ERP platform across 217 automotive dealers & launched new product features, building the backbone to enable annual growth of automotive operations by 25%
• Delivered a profitable commercial strategy across 14 automotive dealers, achieving the highest customer satisfaction ratings across competitors & jumpstarting sustainable business growth of 30%

In the United States
• Overhauled the e-commerce marketplace & payment experience for customers of an Industrial IoT firm, establishing new sales channels in line with overall business strategy
• Developed a framework for one of the largest county offices to build high performing teams across sub teams in the infrastructure services vertical
• Built & shipped geriatric healthcare prototypes that solve a $400M healthcare problem
• Validated the post-acquisition product portfolio strategy for a leading generic pharmaceutical firm

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Speciality: Product Management | Product Leadership | Product Growth | Project Management | Operations Management | Continuous Improvement | Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) | A/B & multivariate testing | Lean Product Development | Pricing Strategy | Market Research |Data Analysis | UX/UI optimization | Root Cause Analysis | Documentation | Financial Modelling | Agile Development Methodology

Domain Expertise: Wealth Management | FinTech | BFSI | IoT | Home Devices |SaaS Product Management | Biotechnology | Automotive | Insurance

Evaluated for Director of Product and Consumer PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Market analysis Product roadmap Build vs buy vs partner Product requirements User journey and personas User research Stakeholder alignment Growth experiments Relationship building
Skill Progression

Senior Product Manager

Spearheads product excellence for portfolio of products in the Wealth, Retail & Group Insurance & other Value Added Services.

Product Manager

Leading the strategy definition & execution of products that include:

– Defining and building a 0-1 integrative platform for Investment products (Fixed Income & Growth) with the aim of redefining the B2B2C & B2C experience for clients
– Platform-level integrations & enhancements that supercharge the legacy platform for the Mutual Fund Business
– Product Marketing for multiple Mutual Fund & Insurance Campaigns
– FINtastic Talks – A 0-1 C-Suite level Initiative that involves fireside chats between industry leaders with the aim of bringing a brand with a 57-year legacy to the people of India

Venture Capital Intern

Conducting Risk & Feasibility Study for future investment in the Fintech space given the larger context of COVID-19

Senior Product Manager

Devised business strategy for a new portfolio of IoT products by conducting market analysis & evaluating integration plans across manufacturing industries

Key achievements:
• Delivered a 10% increase in traffic to e-commerce IoT platform by benchmarking and implementing SEO best practices to improve page ranking over Google & Facebook
• Reduced processing time by 50% by switching payment gateway after investigation of performance metrics of 5 payment gateways
• Increased business enquiries by 13% by building process flow and decision tree for a new chatbot to engage customers with the e-commerce page

Corporate Development Intern

I collaborated with Leadership teams to validate potential opportunities and identify risks.

Key achievements:
• Assessed strategy to diversify $XB portfolio by analyzing business success factors of 100 drugs approved alternate FDA regulatory processes
• Engineered competitive forecast model for new drug launches, based on regression analysis of 320 drugs approved by FDA ANDA process

Product Strategy Consultant

Advised start-ups on new product development, go-to-market strategy & product portfolio reorganization by utilizing primary & secondary research across target markets

Key Achievements:
• Identified $400M target market & building a product for a geriatric healthcare start-up based on customer insights & secondary market research
• Created product strategy for biopharmaceutical start-up that reduced repeat patient expenditure by 30% through primary exploration, secondary research & clinical trials
• Increased overall sales by 2% by reorganising portfolio of small business healthcare plans for Fortune 100 firm based on input from sales teams & businesses

Product Manager

I built products & services that delivered positive impact on business performance, product-related liability concerns & customer experience across 200+ dealers in South India.

Key Achievements:
• Launched online ERP & salesforce automation platform internally and across 217 dealers, achieving engagement target 3 months before schedule & closing project at 10% below estimated budget
• Led software teams to troubleshoot 75% of UX issues of Honda ERP system within 3 days of receipt
• Reduced by 21% of dead inventory in 10 high-priority dealers by building cross-dealer liquidation channels
• Reduced billing & repair schedule related complaints by 14% by developing a mobile app to improve process visibility to customers across Tier-1 cities

Business Development Operations Manager

I managed 6 dealers in high-growth markets, later adding 8 new dealers to the Global Honda Network.

Key Achievements:
• Evaluated ROI for market expansion & augmented market presence of 14 dealers
• Improving dealer productivity by 42% by instituting continuous improvement practices
• Exceeded $10M revenue generation plan by 15% by building new supply chains between dealers & local workshops
• Expanded sales of value-added services by 60% by identifying target segments & instituting new pricing strategy
• Resolved 75% of technical concerns within the same day by accelerating information flow between dealer & engineering teams

Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration – MBA, Ventures and Product Management

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Mechanical Engineering

Nanodegree, Growth Product Manager

Product Manager Nanodegree

Specialization, UI/UX Design

Licenses and Certifications

Growth Product Manager

Building AI Powered Chatbots without Programming

RPA Business Analyst

RPA Implementation Manager

AI Accountability Essential Training

Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence for Project Managers

Cert Prep: Certified Scrum Master

Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts (2016)

Nir Eyal on Creating Habit-Forming Products

The New Age of Risk Management Strategy for Business

Android App Development: Design Patterns for Mobile Architecture

Technology for Product Managers

Wireframing for Product Managers