Sanjana Kubde
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
Incoming PM intern @ NXP | Product Management | MS - IE @ TAMU | Ex- L&T |

I am passionate about understanding, designing, analyzing, developing, and launching products. In the past two years, I have worked on various electrical and electronic products which helped me understand the user experience and constraints in using these products. I am excited not just about electrical products but products from other domains and services as well. I like to gain broad and deeper knowledge about products and work on them.
I prioritize to resolve issues rapidly and effectively and thereby demonstrate excellent customer experience. I focus on key outcomes and learn quickly. I execute multiple tasks with a good degree of precision. Even when I handle multiple tasks, I complete them within the deadline.
I rejoice in meeting new people and talk about new emerging technologies, products, difficulties, and solutions. Please connect if you have similar interests.

Evaluated for and PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Skill Progression

Graduate Student Worker – Grader

Student Assistant

Application Engineer

? Designed electrical panels satisfying all customer specifications with 98% quality index
? Reduced project turnaround time by 45% due to extensive product knowledge and time management
? Amplified business in different industrial sectors for the department and increased profits by 1%
? Performed selection of components, formulated schematic logic, and calculated the heat dissipation.
? Trained on various Allen Bradley products such as PowerFlex 525, 755 & 753 VFD, E300, and E100 electronic overload relay, E1 Plus Overload relay, SMC Flex, PM5000, 140G Circuit Breakers, control relays, and other accessories.
? Engineered several projects using tools like Drive Explorer, RS Logix and Studio 5000 Logix Designer for Allen Bradley 1756 Series PLC and I/P modules.
? Engaged in business development activities for our department for expanding our department’s service offerings.
Presented a paper on “PLC based Schematic Testing” and “Industry 4.0-A revolution in Business” in the 2019 and 2020 L&T Technology’s tech expression event “Tech Panorama”.
? Well versed in the programming of Allen Bradley products mentioned above and have incorporated them in multiple projects.

Summer Intern

Worked on detailed working of thermal power plant, operation of various transformers
(according to location and type) and maintenance, Switchyard and switchgear, GIS,
motors, generator and its excitation, etc.

Summer Intern

Worked on maintenance of step down transformers, GIS substation and SCADA systems.

Degree Programs

Master’s degree, Industrial Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering – BE, Electrical engineering

High School Diploma, Electrical Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

Becoming a Product Manager: A Complete Guide

Product Management: Customer Development

Project Management Foundations

R Programming A-Z (TM) : R for Data Science with Real Exercises!