Jai Vardhan Singh
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Education Tech
M.des at Shiv Nadar University | Teaching Assistant | Member at Collej™ - UX Design Community

Passionate about Design. I always believe in a holistic approach to solving problems in the real world. After working in the different design fields, I have now come back to the basics and learned more about design.

Recently I have developed a passion for research and in future, my career seems to have a light towards research that would help to solve many problems in our country.

Got any questions? you can always drop an email at [email protected]

Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Listening Negotiation Product vision Product requirements User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks User feedback review
Skill Progression

Teaching Assistant

Design Student


Head Of Design, Branding

Responsible for branding on various channels. Handling clients of different forte to work upon their design structure from scratch to star.


Brand Consultant

WeSnapThat is a fun mobile application that allows you to share all of your wedding photos, corporate events, birthday parties, holidays, family events into one single place.

Design Specialist

Offline Branding

Interior Design Specialist

Graphic Designer

Creative Designer

ThinkALT is a marketing agency driven to build meaningful, memorable connections between our clients and their most important audiences. We emulate our brands as if it were them in the market, with the consumers.

Graphic Designer

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Graphic Designer Internship

A startup initiated by IIT- Delhi Students to solve the issue of women sanitation in public toilets


Interned at design homes architects, Bhopal
One of the best architecture firm’s in Madhya Pradesh
Projects Included- Residential Houses , Services , Working Drawings.

Also Represented In An Architectural Competition Which took for ‘SINGHATYA- 2016’

Freelance Designer

Started since my college days. Initially, things were more of learning skills. But with time, I started getting more paid gigs.

Degree Programs

Master’s degree, User Experience Design

Bachelor of Architecture – BArch, Architecture

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.