Shivinder Gogna
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
Technical Implementation Manager

Own the Website Development at AutoVitals working closely with the Product Manager to bring our clients the best only presence possible. Continuously building internal tools to expedite our process to help teams across multiple platforms and help the companies product grow.

Evaluated for Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Writing and presentation Listening Negotiation Stakeholder alignment Sales training and support Relationship building Metrics definition User journey and personas Market analysis
Skill Progression

Technical Implementation Manager

Led cross functional teams consisting of Account Managers, Developers, Customer Success Managers, and Product Managers in order to deliver products to clients.
Built and maintained multiple client relationships throughout the implementation cycle ensuring each client’s needs were met during onboarding.
Streamlining workflow to reduce implementation time without sacrificing quality of work given to each client.

Web Production Specialist

Reduced build time of shop web applications from one month to one week by implementing new processes, streamlining communications with clients, and working closely with Product Management to find solutions for pain points.
Established relationship with the Product Management to work cross-functionally and take on Product responsibilities to grow personally and help the company grow.
Conducted market research client concerns. Ranked client feedback and create solutions to address high-priority concerns. As an example, reconfiguring client web applications to be PWAs and score higher on Lighthouse. Researched solutions to implement onto our sites to increase rank, built user stories and presented to executives leading to full implementation in our offering.

Sales Engineer

Conducted market research through information sessions and demos to provide feedback and guidance to update our curriculum.
Built and maintained relationships with engineering candidates to improve the candidate experience.
Spearheaded the rubric project to measure client success to support potential partnerships.
Created processes and procedures to clean data, improving the efficiency of the entire recruiting team.

Application QA Engineer

Formed a group for knowledge sharing and expansion to allow easier cross-functional team collaboration between Engineers, QA Engineers, Design, and Product Managers.
Responsible for sprint demos to product owners and stakeholders.
Worked directly with cross-functional teams to create and manage sprints from planning to completion.
Performed manual post-deployment testing after code release to validate code deployment for each product release.

Program Manager

Designed a new curriculum for The Last Mile, managed testing within my prison, and oversaw the adoption, resulting in a 75% pass rate against the average 25% prior.
Trained students with no experience in software development for 12 months to become proficient in JavaScript, React, Node.js, SASS, and MongoDB.
Corresponded with students at 9 prisons via webcam to assist in learning JavaScript, building portfolios, and common practices resulting in a deeper understanding for students.

Administrative Specialist

Designed and developed new documentation handling for medical and legal purposes reducing more than $20,000 in costs per year.
Successfully created processes of gathering information from 1,000+ Marines; reduced system from 1+ week to under 2 days.
Processed data regarding pay, travel claims, marriage status, medical and legal documentation, and deployment.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degree, Political Science Law and Society

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.