Sandeep Zala
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Information Technology
Evaluated for and PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Technical Program Manager

Building AI first omnichannel CX Intelligence solutions for big tech consumer brands.
– Lead product delivery from prototype to deployment at customer end.
– Involved in market segmentation, competitor research and customer persona building.

Product Manager

Built a Student safety solution that helped 2M parents to protect kids over an internet.
– Strategize the Ed-tech product and prioritize the key initiatives.
– Design thinking, New feature ideation, prototyped and validated with user interviews and surveys.
– Defined product roadmap, scoped product requirement.
– Hyper focused on retention, Improved mobile app retention by 80%.
– Closely tracked user happiness metrics. Augmented app rating from 3 to 4.6
– Managed the projects with the productivity tools JIRA, Miro, Firebase, Mode analytics.
– Collaborated with sales, marketing and customer success to chalk down Go-to-Market and growth-hack strategy.

Principal Engineer

Devised and initiated engineering solutions to a variety of project and design issues.

Technical Manager

Architected and developed data analytics solution for videometric platform.
– Defined system architecture, orchestrated dev and cloud deployment pipeline.
– Established a solid engineering team and defined engineering process workflow.
– Outlined work plans, assessed resources and determining timelines for projects.
– Conveyed project objectives to internal and external stakeholders and maintained open communication to keep a close eye on progress against targets.

Senior Software Engineer

Developed multiple modules of the CRM solution.

Co Founder – CTO

– Being a tech co-founder, I was heavily involved in tech operations.
– Built a marketplace for private tutoring. Onboarded 10k teachers on the portal.
– Pitch to investors to raise fund.

OSUM Campus Ambassador

The Open Source University Meet-Up is a student developer organization sponsored by Sun Microsystems that educates its members about open-source technologies through technical demonstrations, access to web courses, and discounts on Sun Certification.

• Lead open source club activities at the institute.
• Promoting opensource technology within institute operation and among the students.
• Successfully organized multiple opensource events.

Degree Programs

B.E, Computer Science

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