Samuel Esperança
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Finance Tech
Digital Operations Lead at UEFA

Highly motivated, accountable and focused, with proven track record in managing services and teams within a fast paced and complex environment.

Currently leading Digital and Live Operations at UEFA. With an extensive background in Finance, having performed almost a full circle, encompassing FrontOffice/Client Management, BackOffice/Operations and MiddleOffice/Reporting and Analysis.

Along my path I have developed my knowledge of how people “function”, what drives them and the best ways to use collaborative work to improve organizations.

Adopting a customer-oriented posture, I believe a sound work ethic and high accountability of individuals allow organizations to thrive and achieve new heights.

Risk and Budget Assessment were paramount during my ventures in Finance, which helped me improve my complex problem solving and analytical skills.

Always with my mind set on honing my technical skills, I am truly passionate about tackling difficult challenges and designing solutions to enhance organizations’ efficiency and productivity.

Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Database structure Negotiation System design API integration Data retrieval Agile methodologies Performance tracking Growth experiments Relationship building
Skill Progression

Senior Consultant

Digital Operations Lead

-Managing a cross functional team, helping them achieve operational excellency

-Delivering live 100+ digital events – EURO, Champions League, Europa League matches across UEFA’s digital channels

-Maintaining and evolving UEFA’s digital software ecosystem

-Orchestrating and coordinating internal stakeholders and suppliers to develop digital products

-Ensuring operational soundness and supporting the development lifecycle of an extended product portfolio

-Managing CRM components – securing integrity of the solution, maintaining, and improving the customer scoring model and monitoring data quality

-Monitoring data flow integrity and quality

– Improving efficiency of business processes and redesigning business process mapping

Markets Analyst

Main Responsibilities:
? Provide Asset Management Controlling regarding the Pension Funds Business Unit,
specifically risk management, periodic reporting (internal, client-side and supervision/regulatory body-oriented).
? Delivering key statistics of the team and company’s business development, providing
insights into areas to be improved, pitfalls and possible future threats.
? Deliver investment proposals and monthly reports of client´s portfolios.
? Prevent fiduciary irregularities on the firm’s assets under management by monitoring KYCs and risk exposure.
A key point during my tenure, was leading the project for the integration of a full Business Unit, following the acquisition of a Pension Fund company, with relevant success, concluding it ahead of schedule and on budget with no drag to both organizations.

Operations Specialist

Operations Intern

Contact Center Agent

Associate Agent

Financial Advisor

Degree Programs

Bachelors , Computer Engineering

Frequency – Geographic/Geophysical Engineering

Frequency – Mathematics

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.