Rupal Chauhan
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
No Industries Found
Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Data retrieval Listening Market analysis Negotiation Performance tracking Relationship building Writing and presentation
Skill Progression

Brand Manager

• Collaborated with cross-functional teams of 8+ departments orchestrating launch of 45+
products on e-commerce garnering 10% market share with 200% growth year-on-year.
• Successfully negotiated contracts with multiple stakeholders, saving the company 10% in
product procurement costs leading to bottom-line improvement in P&L.
• Leveraged platform analytics to reduce ACOS by 50% by optimizing performance market
ing campaigns Increased CTR by 30% by improvising the product catalog.
• Developed and executed brand marketing influencer campaigns on Instagram and YouTube, engaging 1.24 million people and increasing brand-indexed searches by 70%.
• Designed and executed first ever omnichannel model for wallpapers & application service on Amazon Conceptualized and initiated the debut of paint products on e-commerce.
• Led market research efforts resulting in innovation leading to 20% increment in positive cus tomer ratings, 50% expansion of existing product range, and 3+ new category introductions.
• Established GTM strategy for successful launch Planned pricing strategy and branding initiatives leading to a 3x spike in sales during key sale events.
• Achieved a high inventory fulfillment rate of 95% through the implementation of data driven strategies Managed the entirety of e-commerce operations and business activities.
• Enhanced online visibility and sales through strategic SEO practices, achieving 50% incre ment in organic ranking of key products on Amazon.

• Designed the launch for 36+ products in DIY home improvement category on E-commerce.
• Coordinated with 10+ cross-functional teams to conceptualize FBA model on Amazon.

Software Engineer

• Achieved 70% increase in satisfaction rate among contact-center customer representatives by analyzing and implementing outlook email system over Genesys (B2B SAAS company).
• Designed AWS web portal leading to 20% increment in mail open rate by automating the
delivery of personalized emails Optimized customer service agent bot by collaborating with business team leading to resolution of 60% of customer queries at first engagement.
• Awarded Excellence in Action for saving 1200 manhours by automating the certification
updating process in 28,000 Polycom phones Saved 8 manhours weekly and reprocessed 2000+ interactions by optimizing the code (in Java).
• Implemented RESTful APIs for seamless integration with third-party systems Participated in code reviews and conducted unit testing to ensure code quality.
• Designed and optimized SQL queries for efficient data retrieval and manipulation, ensur
ing database performance and reliability Consistently contributed to feature development using Git for code repository management and updates.
• Actively contributed to the continuous improvement of development processes and best
practices, such as adopting Agile methodologies and implementing CI/CD pipelines.

• Saved 800+ hours annually by developing a Log Visualizer tool that automates the process to visualize the batch performance bottlenecks Awarded performance-based PPO.

• Designed an easy-to-use and comprehensive template in vernacular language for data col lection helping 25+ volunteers to work towards the development of students in rural areas.

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