Ramya Parimi
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
Always up for new challenges!

Love turning plans into actions, never afraid of new challenges and constantly learning a new skill!

Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Market analysis Data retrieval Agile methodologies Performance tracking Marketing collateral
Skill Progression

Open Source Community Specialist

Community Support

– Collaborating with engineers, technical writers, content strategists, product managers for improving contributor experience and engagement
– Developing the Linter tool to impact contributors in producing high quality user documentation
– Supporting GitHub docs open source platform. Tasks include triage, contributor engagement, gathering feedback and recognizing contributor pain points
– Designed, planned and produced contributing guides to help new contributors
– Maintaining a positive, healthy, included and belonging community
– Understanding trends in contributions to discover pain points in user documentation
– Strategizing methods backed by data and metrics to increase community growth and support
– Reduced spam issues by 66% by implementing issue forms feature in GitHub docs open source repo

Technical skills
– Developed/updated GitHub Actions and workflows to automate tasks in triaging and reviewing
– Avid user of developer tools such as VSCode, Git CLI, GitHub CLI, GitHub Projects, GitHub Actions
– Comfortable with REST API calls

Objective Co-Lead for Fedora Websites and Apps

– Mitigating technical and project impediments by resolving issues
– Project Management for the Web & Apps team to help with project prioritization as per goals

Open source Contributor

Active contributor to the Fedora project — a free and open source Linux distribution.

Scientific Writer

List of my articles

Research Specialist

• Assist in vivo studies of hormonal dependent Breast Cancer studies for different groups in the lab
• Clear and organized tracking methods for ongoing experiments
• Analyze and present results in clear and concise manner
• Assist PI in grant writing for animal protocols
• Lab management for impediment free experiments
• Train new lab recruits on aseptic and other laboratory techniques

Research Assistant II

Part of an innovative project which utilizes novel computational tools, in vivo screening, and clinically relevant models to target the untargetable Head and Neck cancer genes

Cell culture:
Cell viability assays
Protein analysis- Western Blot
Packaging Virus and Virus infections
Gene targeting via shRNA library
TET On 3G Inducible system
Flow cytometry(BD, FlowJo, Diva)
Animal Experiments (Mouse Models)
Xenograft experiments of human cell lines (Flank)
Chemotherapy (IP) and radiation treatments
Analyze tumor growth curves

Research Scientist

Development of monoclonal antibodies for use in fertility and metabolism-related diagnostic testing kits (ELISA).

Roles & Responsibilities:
Monoclonal antibody development
Hybridoma technology
Recombinant protein production in CHO cells and HEK293 cells
Culturing and maintaining Hybridoma, HEK293 and CHO cell
Protein purification (AKTA Pure and AKTA Prime Plus)
Handling and maintenance of EasyPick ClonePicker
Protein analysis- SDS-PAGE, Western Blot
Development of solid phase Sandwich ELISA assays
Development of Competitive ELISA assays

Graduate Research Assistant

Working on my Thesis which focuses on

-Protein-protein interactions of iNOS
-Role of RbBp4 and SPACA7 proteins in regulating the production of nitric oxide, with emphasis on male infertility treatment

This work is aimed at facilitating research on chemotherapeutic drugs to treat cancers induced by over-production of nitric oxide

Teaching Assistant

Set up Human Physiology and Human Anatomy labs for undergraduate students, monitored their experiments, graded exams and home works, and held office hours

Degree Programs

Master of Science (MS), Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology

Bachelor’s degree, Pharmacy

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.