Prem Puttegowda
Skill Score
Professional (3/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Writing and presentation Agile methodologies Product vision Performance tracking Market analysis Product roadmap Build vs buy vs partner Feature prioritization Data retrieval Relationship building Metrics definition Listening Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Stakeholder alignment
Skill Progression

Full stack engineer

• Developed a user-friendly platform that streamlined the deployment of applications, significantly enhancing efficiency and ease of use.
• Implemented a dynamic and responsive design and enhanced user experience

Full stack engineering bootcamp

• Lambda School offers an accelerated full-stack software engineering bootcamp. Through this program, I gained proficiency inJavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, Node.js, Python, and PostgreSQL

Product Lead

• Significantly mitigated potential revenue loss by spearheading the development of a comprehensive application encompassing business continuity, incident management, crisis management, and disaster recovery planning. This strategic initiative dramatically bolstered the company’s resilience and responsiveness to disruptive incidents, safeguarding profits and operational stability.
• Minimized brand and regulatory repercussions and condensed service disruption from hours to mere minutes through proactive leadership in resolving technical and customer recovery efforts during critical incidents.
• Directed successful product launches and contributed to enhanced internal service delivery by developing detailed training materials and conducting comprehensive assessments of customers and vendors

Product Manager

• Successfully reduced disaster recovery time from 12 to 4 hours by architecting and implementing a robust disaster recovery framework. This strategic enhancement significantly minimized potential downtime and operational disruption, ensuring rapid return to full functionality after unforeseen events.”
• Enhanced the disaster recovery process by conducting a thorough analysis of critical systems and services, along with identifying single points of failure. This streamlining effort led to more efficient recovery strategies, effectively safeguarding key business operations and reducing vulnerabilities


Select Projects:

eBay Inc – Product Manager
• Successfully led the creation of complex system dependency mapping, mitigating revenue impact and improving site troubleshooting and system reliability
• Streamlined the site recovery process by effectively managing the product roadmap and automating numerous manual tasks, significantly boosting productivity and reducing task completion time from hours to minutes

Lead Business Analyst/Project Manager

• Drove a strategic overhaul in the mobile and wireline construction management process, resulting in a substantial $6M in savings. This achievement was realized by identifying and eliminating redundancies, streamlining operations, and fostering a more cost-effective workflow.
• Defined and implemented rigorous product requirements for a new contract management system, which significantly enhanced operational efficiency and productivity across departments

Business Analyst

• Transformed legacy AS400 Insurance system to modern web-based platform, significantly improving the user experience.
• Led comprehensive User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Quality Assurance (QA), and System Integration Testing (SIT) to ensure seamless migration, improved permformance and enhanced user satisfaction

Independent Contractor

• Developed product requirement documents to guarantee the integrity of all product contracts, system and user behavior
• Conducted quality assurance, user acceptance and integration testing of life/annuity insurance products enhancing system reliability.

Career Break April ’21 – Current
• Completed the Coursera Deep Learning specialization certification course.
• Implemented a random forest model to predict the direction of the S&P 500 index.
• Completed Certification UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business Executive Education Product Management Studio program
• Full-time parenting – Teaching programming to my 7-year-old daughter.

Degree Programs

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.