Pratik Soni
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Professional (3/6)
Consumer Tech Education Tech Information Technology
Senior Product Consultant. Co-founder @ Mizo

I am a Senior Product Consultant from India with over 10 years of experience in building products and platforms in the B2C and B2B space. I have worked across companies such as,, Yulu Bikes,, and more. Currently, I serve as the Product Head and Co-founder of Mizo, an online learning app-based startup:

I have tackled challenging problems in mobile & web development, including growth, onboarding, gamification, personalization, engagement and retention, as well as search and recommendation. In addition to my product expertise, I possess strong UX and UI skills.

Some of my notable achievements include:

– Conceptualised the entire product and design for the Mizo App, receiving much appreciation for its usability, user experience, and design.
– Independently created the first customer and fleet management app for Yulu Bikes, which got 1 million downloads.
– Led product and design efforts for a math learning app from scratch at, resulting in 100K downloads.
– Designed and implemented a full-fledged geometry app with all essential geometry tools at
– Created multiple paid tools for teachers at, contributing significantly to revenue growth.
– Developed a detailed tool for comprehensive Performance Management as one of the main product offering at
– Founded Helpy, an app-based platform for finding local help.
– Created a smart media CMS for DNA as a short freelancing project.
– Won multiple product hackathons, including one conducted by IIT Delhi.
– Achieved “Product of the Day” on ProductHunt for two apps created as part of hackathons:
– Taught more than 500 underprivileged students online for class 10th.

My interests span across the fields of Product, User Experience, User Psychology, and Behaviour, as well as EdTech, Consumer Apps, Growth, and Engagement. I am motivated to apply my skills and experiences in these areas to craft innovative and user-centric products.

Evaluated for Director of Product and Generalist PM role archetype
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Agile methodologies Build vs buy vs partner Business model design Data retrieval Distribution planning Feature prioritization Growth experiments Listening Market analysis Market positioning Metrics definition Negotiation Performance tracking Product requirements Product roadmap Product vision Relationship building Stakeholder alignment User feedback review User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks Writing and presentation
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Product Head & Co-founder

Mizo is a learning app that empowers kids) creativity and intelligence through daily activities, quizzes & contests along with school sub5ects online classes. I am heading entire product & design.

Senior Product Manager

Keka is India)s one of the top HR tech company that offers a comprehensive suite of HR software, covering payroll, leave management, hiring, and performance management. During my tenure at Keka, I led the entire performance management module and transformed it into a fully-“edged, mature performance management tool.

Product & UX Consultant

Senior Product Manager is a math learning platform designed for K-12 students. The entire app is built on a microlearning approach, allowing students to master math in 5ust 20 minutes a day. I led the product management, contributing to the development of the complete learning app and geometry app, resulting in 100k app downloads.
Senior Product Manager,
JANUARY 2019 ( AUGUST 2019 is India)s leading car search platform that helps users buy cars that are right for them. I was building their commercial vehicle platform called I was the :rst Product guy at & had built the entire Web & App platform from scratch.

Senior Product Consultant

YULU is a smart dockless bike-sharing platform, founded by Mr. Amit Gupta LInmobi cofounderM. At YULU, I was at :rst product guy & was responsible for Product Management & User Experience for their Consumer & Fleet Management App.


HelpyApp was a platform to get help on anything from trusted people near you. End to end Product, UX & Design is done by me. The product is available on all platforms
• Web, Mobile, Android & iOS. I single-handedly took care of Product + UX + UI for HelpyApp

Senior Product Manager is India)s one of the top Edtech marketplace which connects Teachers & Students. I was the 4th Employee & very :rst Product Manager. I have single-handedly built the entire product for all 3 platforms – Web, mobile & App.

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