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Finance Tech
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My Name is Samuel Ekpemede, But you can call me Onome. For the most part, I am a lot of things but I care deeply about solving real-life problems by creating, building innovative solutions.

To learn more about me, kindly take a dive into my world:

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Co-Founder & Product Lead

Building an expense management and corporate card solution for startups

Product Manager

Snackit is a subscription-based e-commerce platform that enables you to subscribe to healthy snacks on the go.

– Collaborated with cross-functional teams to launch the web-app platform with a directory of over 500 healthy snack brands curated into 5 snack plans. The project generated $300 in revenue in its first month.

Consultant, Business Development and Operations

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Building a simple bookkeeping app for SMEs in Africa

Manager, Business Development & Partnership

Associate, Telesales and Customer Success

Pod Lead, Telesales and Customer Success

Analyst, Telesales and Customer Success

Executive, Telesales and Customer Success

Customer Service Representative

– Assisting customers understand the product and answering questions about their reservations.
-Listening to customer or client complaints and assisting them resolve it.
– Communicating with clients and customers about their experiences on our products and services.

Co-founder (Lead, Product and Business Development)

Farmoly provides farmers with a simple, consistent, and reliable distribution channel to meet the demands of the informal market. With our technology, we use data and logistics to connect the dots between demand and supply for farmers as well as vendors. The Vision is to create an efficient distribution channel using technology, thereby reducing food wastage across the food supply chain.

My responsibilities here are:
• Researched and Identified potential markets for product.
• Pitched the company’s services to prospective clients.
• Planned and oversaw marketing initiatives.
• Developed and maintained fruitful relationships with customers through customer experience programs.
• Developing product ideas to meet customers needs.
• Work alongside product team to execute product ideas.

Principal corper

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science (ED), Agricultural Science Education

Licenses and Certifications

The Credit Analyst Training

ISO 31000 – Enterprise Risk Management

Marketing Psychology: How To Become A Master Of Influence

Risk Management – Failure Modes Effects Analysis

Business Strategy: Learn The Art of Differentiation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Beginner’s Guide

Advanced Product Management (2): Leadership & Communication

Advanced Product Management: Vision, Strategy & Metrics

Business Analyst: Project Management Techniques and Tools

Negotiation Fundamentals: How To Negotiate Effectively

Project Management: Master Project Management – PMP/PMI

Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism

Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills & Get the Job

Business Fundamentals: Marketing Strategy

Business Model Innovation: Differentiate & Grow Your Company