Ade Ola
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Rookie (2/6)
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Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
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Top Skills
Data retrieval Relationship building Product requirements Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Stakeholder alignment Writing and presentation Performance tracking Growth experiments Market analysis
Skill Progression

People and Culture Manager

• Talent Acquisition: identify, recruit, and retain talented employees to meet an organization’s HR needs.
• Lead Performance and Payroll Management.
• Develop and implement HR strategies to enhance workplace culture and employee engagement.
• Ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations.
• Align HR initiatives with business objectives in collaboration with management.
• Manage employee relations and address workplace issues.
• Promote diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Product Manager

• Led the development of a Connect app in Canada.
• Gained hands-on experience in customer discovery, user story creation, and product strategy development.
• Conducted user research with 29 participants and data analytics to identify pain points, refining user stories.
• Developed product specifications to clearly communicate features and acceptance criteria to the team.
• Established a roadmap by prioritizing features and user stories to rapidly develop the product.
• Co-developed BudgetBuddy AI, a financial AI app, placing 5th in a 2-day hackathon.
• Collaborated on customer journey mapping with Aceit Digital, enhancing product management skills.

Talent Acquisition Manager

• Provided end-to-end Recruitment Services for diverse roles within the Seniors Living Sector
• Managed full life cycle recruiting and hiring within the Seniors Living Sector.
• Verified and investigated employment details of candidates for specific roles.
• Developed and maintained robust talent pipelines.
• Conducted interviews and made selection recommendations to clients.

Business Consultant

• Human Resources Consulting: talent acquisition and onboarding, developed and reviewed policies.
• Developed and executed strategies enhancing client profitability and revenue growth by 20%.
• Performed market research and data analysis, enhancing client industry competitiveness.
• Provided investment and financial consulting, improving client access to financing by 25%.
[email protected] NS, Canada

• Learning and Development: participating in training programs to enhance the knowledge of clients.
• Facilitated Board Performance Evaluations, improving governance effectiveness by 25%.

Human Resource Manager

• Managed recruitment processes and onboarding.
• Led payroll administration.
• Engaged in employee relations and performance management.
• Learning and Development: design and facilitate training programs.

Human Resource Consultant

• Managed contract staff seconded to clients.
• Conducted recruitment, hiring and onboarding.
• Administered Payroll, Pension, and Tax processes.
• Handled Compensation Management and Benefits.
• Conducted staff inspections and managed Leave and Time Administration.
• Engaged in Employee Relations and Performance Management.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.