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Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
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Build vs buy vs partner Listening Negotiation Relationship building Stakeholder alignment Writing and presentation Market analysis Metrics definition User journey and personas Wireframes and mocks Agile methodologies Data retrieval
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Junior Product Manager

• Training-cum-internship in Product discovery & strategy management.
• Providing strategic guidance to early-stage startups by bridging the gap between ideas and marketable products.
• Leading the product to success by navigating complexities, optimizing resources, and ensuring alignment with market demand, thereby making a substantial contribution to the startup’s growth and achievement.

Scientific Content Data Expert

• Successfully delivered a highly ambitious and complicated project of transitioning the Elsevier product’s (Embase) Named Entity Recognition (NER) process to a new machine learning platform.
• Spearheaded comprehensive content quality assessment, identifying and addressing pipeline issues related to taxonomy, entity tagging, and data enrichment. The content quality parameters in NER process were unacceptable, recall & precision metrics being below 60%. With my expertise & domain knowledge, I highlighted all the probable issues and facilitated to achieve a recall of 78% and precision of 86%. This expedited the successful delivery of the project within quality parameters required by product’s minimum acceptance criteria.
• Acted as a liaison between product and tech teams to communicate the specific needs of pharmaceutical and life sciences clients, particularly for Elsevier products Embase & Embiology.
• Hosted timely huddles with the data scientists to address content quality issues, proposing viable solutions, and meticulously defining user stories (JIRA) with clear scope, acceptance criteria, and detailed descriptions.
• Played a pivotal role in prioritizing issues and content-related features for the tech team, expedited releases while upholding high-quality standards across the platform. This accelerated the backlog refinement and final project delivery.
• Ensured accurate data transformations and created feedback loops within cross-functional teams to safeguard the overall data integrity.
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Family Sabbatical (Childcare)
September 2018 – October 2022
• Utilized this interval for proactive self-development, allocating time to acquire knowledge in diverse areas such as applications of big data in life sciences, fundamentals of machine learning, core IT skills including SQL, SAS, Tableau, among others.
• Engaged in creative writing pursuits, contributing to the creation of short stories, and undertaking a couple of content editing freelance projects.

IP Consultant

• In the realm of business development within a startup environment, collaborated with diverse clients ranging from academia to the pharmaceutical industry, forging partnerships for new projects and assignments.
• Proactively identified and cultivated business opportunities, strategically devising collaboration strategies aimed at exploring avenues for revenue generation.
• Executed comprehensive evaluations of both patent and non-patent literature for prior art searches, utilizing authoritative data sources such as WIPO, USPTO, ESPACENET, Google Patents, PubMed and Scifinder.

Senior Research Scientist

• Conducted in-depth primary research focused on specific first-in-class drug targets, such as antivirulence, aimed at addressing antibiotic resistance. Contributed to complex drug discovery projects targeting diseases including UTI, chronic lung disorders, HAP, VAP etc. addressing critical unmet medical needs.
• Developed an in-house project-specific model for predicting cardiotoxicity in new molecules based on literature evidence, resulting in 77% saving of time and resources by avoiding the synthesis of irrelevant compounds merely based on trial & error.
• Possessed expertise in medicinal chemistry synthesis, formulating strategies to achieve lead chemical candidates with target-specific desired pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) profiles.
• Leveraged Spotfire for data visualization, effectively managing diverse libraries of chemical compounds. Generated Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) curves and presented data through various graphs and interactive charts to expedite project advancement.

Senior Research Chemist

• Showcased advanced expertise in strategically applying combinatorial chemistry to synthesize project directed libraries, during the hit-to-lead drug discovery stage for best-in-class drug targets. Received multiple recognitions for synthesizing maximum number of compounds per month (500 compounds every month for 3 consecutive times).
• Interacted with vendors for evaluation of various lab chemicals, instruments and drug discovery based softwares in procuring resources with the best quality & costs.
• Facilitated impactful training sessions for summer interns and new team members, delivering comprehensive insights into laboratory techniques and ensuring proficient utilization of drug discovery software and databases.

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Master of Chemistry

Bachelor of Science

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