Victoria De Santiago
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Professional and Business Services
Product @ Arion | Building Human Centered Products

Endless and relentless learned and explorer, curiosity drives me everyday. It has taken me into amazing experiencies, like living in Japan during my bachelor degree and traveling around the world meeting companies and investors interested in my country. My travels to China and Japan have gifted me with a little glimps of the possibilities and realities technology can build for us today and tomorrow. After working for the national agency in investment attraction giving seminars, talks and meeting all type of amazing people in forestry, energy, and so many sectors I decided to go for a new challenge. I joined MVD Consulting and we walked together a path of potentiating how we work with our clients through a human centered design approach. We’ve worked in building teams that can achieve effective creative collaboration through a new lens of creativity and freedom, and with the proper guidance to deliver results. This trail in search for results has taken us on a new journey with Arion. During the COVID 19 Crisis we’ve started this new project with 6 people. Today we are a team of +40 striving to deliver the best results with a product mindset we want to share with you.

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Negotiation Writing and presentation
Skill Progression

Head of Product

As head of product at Arion, my job is to ensure that each and every project with our clients, regardless of size or duration, is imbibed with our product mentality. Therefore I challenge teams, to get a deeper understanding of our clients busines objectives and their customers; whilst ensuring we provide the top quality, flexible and scalable tech solutions. We want to be your partners in value not just code for you.

External Consultant

External assesment of projects, colaboration with the Evaluator Team of the Plublic Goods Programme, in projects linked with foreign trade

Professor of Business with Asia

Business Developer – Business Consultant

Global Economy and International Affairs Professor

Professor of Global Trade

Global economic and trade trends analysis, trade procedures and trade deals analysis.

Investment Promotion Analyst

Investment Promotion Assistant

Asisstant Professor – Economy Department of International Affairs

Executive Assistant

Assistant of the Director of MOL LNG Division in Uruguay (LAKLER S.A.)

English Instructor



Contacto bilingue especializado en gerenciamento con agencias internacionales, principalmente via e-mail. También manejo de chat y voz. Conocimiento de Skyport y Amadeus

Degree Programs

Advanced Product Management

Master Degree, Social Anthropology

Especialización en Economía y Negocios de Asia Pacífico e India (Posgrado)

Evolución del desarrollo económico e integración de Asia Pacífico e India. , Relaciones internacionales y asuntos exteriores

Economía Gubernamental – Curso de Posgrado Virtual, Ciencias Económicas

Licenses and Certifications

Advanced Product Management

Cultivating Creative Collaboration

IDB Development Projects Management Course

Certificate of Proficiency in English

Certificate in Advanced English

Japan Language Proficiency Test N5

International General Certificate of Secondary Education in Business

International General Certificate of Secondary Education in Literature

Introduction to R (edX 1.1)