Mayank Garg
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Sr Product Manager | 7 yrs Experience | Product Leader

Love taking a product from Ideation to Customers.

Building Data-Driven Products at CaaStle (Formerly Gwynniebee) a fashion technology company aka Netflix of Apparel industry. Lead efforts in Dynamic Pricing, Personalization, Recommendation System for Premium users, Acquisition, retention and product Discovery.

Built recommendation Engine for new users. Significantly increased Cross Selling and Upselling for old customers.

Worked with National Instruments, for development and testing of the algorithm for different RF standards. Developed measurement API for NI-RFmx.

Worked as Research Intern at Intel Labs, on Conception to Production for Wearable Computing product using compression sensing leading to improved performance of IoT devices manyfold.

Key Strengths:
+ Well versed with Product Thinking, Development, SDLC, and User Experience improvement.

+ Design Thinking, Development, Debugging and Testing.

+ Strong Problem Solving and Analytical Skills

+ Proactive and Enthusiastic

Always looking for an Exciting challenge, reach out to me at:
[email protected]

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Senior Product Manager

1. Reinnovating customer experience to experience driven
2. Empowering drivers

Senior Product Consultant

As an independent consultant, I am helping global companies to build great product in their early to growth journey.

Senior Product Manager

upGrading upGrad!!

Launched 7 new IP products and overhauled 4 IP products for upGrad ecosystem. Responsible for customer research, product roadmap, stakeholder alignments, user experience, and go-to-market strategy. Spearheaded a team of product managers, engineers, data scientists, and designers to launch innovative products.

New Products:
+ Partner Payment: Partner payment for all of our stakeholders (Supply-side) to increase efficiency and speed by multifold.

+ Ekakshara: Internal transcription tools for English videos with average 96% accuracy and saving upto USD 900k per annum.

+ Question Bank: Inhouse question bank with 10000+ unique relevant questions library.
+ Test Platform: In-house test platform (SCQ, MCQ, Numeric & Coding Questions) built for internal and external users opening up a new revenue source along with rich data collection capabilities.

+ Revitalized the inhouse LMS by making it degree ready through Semester system, Credits and personalisations which is scalable for 100,000’s of users.
+ Inducted Multiple plagiarism checkers (Code, Web, P2P) for different use cases.

+ Devised a CMS to speed up program launch by 95%.
+ Launced platform for recuriters to hire from upGrad significantly increasing the outcome of learners.

+ Improved operation team’s efficiency by 119% by innovative process improvements and self serve models.

Data Products

Responsible for Product Development related to Pricing and Personalization for US Based Fashion Technology eComm company valued above $1B.

1. Designed and Developed Dynamic Pricing for multiple Technology Tenants (B2B).
2. Dynamic Pricing (B2C): Ideated, designed consolidated dynamic pricing for multiple B2C tenants.
3. Dynamic Pricing: Launched 3 version of pricing to predict subscription revenue effectively.
4. Dynamic Pricing: Responsible for feature development to auto balance revenue and profit using book value controlling effects of Discounts and offers.
5. Elevated Coverage of Size Advisor (Recommendation).
6. Inducted new types of discounts to understand customer behavior.
7. Product Recommendation: Inducted new recommendations to up-sell and cross-sell.
8. Product Recommendation: Product Development for campaigning to improve interaction, retention, and acquisition using available and new recommendations.

Software Engineer

RF Software R&D team at Nationa Instruments, Bangalore

Project 1: New measurement development and Testing of the algorithm for different Cellular standards.
Development and testing of Algorithm for performing RF measurements including CDA, SlotPhase, SlotPower etc.
I have worked on new measurement development for multiple standards like CDMA, LTE, WCDMA, TDSCDMA, EVDO etc.

Project 2: Current Measurement Updated for Downlink testing Development and Testing for ModAcc Measurement in LTE standard.
I have worked on API development of Downlink ModAcc Measurement for LTE standard. It is first Downlink Measurement support in NI-RFmx.


Enabling Quality Education using personalization.

Research Intern

Conceptualized, formulated, designed and developed Compressive sensing mechanism to save critical resources for all type IoT devices by 8-12 times with just 5-10% lossy sensing.
This work was later PATENTED by Intel.

Developed 3D motion tracking using sensors using IoT devices.


Designed and Developed a real-time scheduler for the specific use of heavy satellite image processing at the National remote sensing Centre (ISRO), Hyderabad.

Research Assistant

– Assisted Faculties in developing a new evaluation process for Students and quality of education by each professor.
– Assisted faculties in coursework development and teaching.

Product Manager

GoComet provides Logistic Resource Management (LRM) solution for all your international logistics needs. Devised the product vision and strategy for the product suite, development, digital marketing, and presenting to fortune 500 customers & Investors.

+ Devised a new customized product offering for enhanced saving using collaborative optimization and expressive bidding in procurement and logistics.
+ Envisioned and designed Sailing schedule, added many modes in Quote Management to increase up-selling and engagement.
+ Established and demonstrated a new Pre-sales channel to increase acquisitions by 8x for enterprises and partnership to enable new mode for acquisitions.
+ Increased the coverage of Sea freight benchmarking and introduced Air freight benchmarking.
+ Designed RFQ for Breakbulk and Bulk shipment.

Degree Programs

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Embedded System

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Computer Engineering

Cross Campus Certification Course, Engineering/Industrial Management

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No Licenses or Certifications Found.