Manthan Admane
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
MS MIS at TAMU | Looking for internship opportunities in the field of Tech Consulting | Product Management | Technical & Financial Data Analysis

“Most of the time, I will spend 5 hours automating something which takes 2 hours to be done manually. Most probably, I would fail at it. But sometimes, I will spend 20 hours automating things which saves me 100+ hours in the long run. I’d happily keep failing most of the time for those sometimes.”

I am pursuing my Master’s in Management Information System from May’s Business School Texas A&M University. Having a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, I have always been driven by software, electronics, and mathematics amalgamating to create institutional businesses.

I have a personal interest in financial analysis and the entrepreneurial sector. Being a sportsman and athlete by nature I love all kinds of sports and activities.

I am molding myself with the latest technologies to support innovative ideas and thoughts and shape them into reality. I am looking for employment opportunities in Technology Consulting, Data Analytics, Product Management and can be reached at [email protected]

Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Database structure Writing and presentation System design API integration Data retrieval Product requirements User research User feedback review Stakeholder alignment Agile methodologies Performance tracking Relationship building
Skill Progression

Data Analyst

• Championed ERD & schema design; performed ETL across multiple sources like SQL databases and survey entries using advanced SQL queries
• Visualized student data using Tableau & Excel; performed past report analysis to find trend changes in admissions data
• Led infographic generation; right from data extraction to design iterations on adobe illustrator

COVID-19 Case Investigator

• Professional provided empathetic support to a Brazos County Health Department in the fight against COVID-19 making over 1000 case interactions.
• Led a team of 4 in COVID 19 home test kit distribution with procedures being governed by agile methodologies.
• Completed HIPAA training and complied with all policies and procedures

Robotic Process Automation Developer

• Developed Report 990, a financial document automation with 69.5% accuracy (Blue Prism)
• Operated in a team size of 8 with following agile methodologies leveraging VersionOne tool
• Monitored over 10+ virtual resources with a team in charge of surveilling breaks & fixes
• VCS implementation to manage code across 3 teams saving 5+ human hours per week


• Instituted & headed CBAT, an initiative to empower small & medium scale businesses via digitization
• Planned voice of customer interviews and wrote functionality, usability & supportability requirements
• Catered a total of 11 clients: 3 for social media marketing, 7 for website development & 1 for mobile app
• Analyzed reports to generate KPIs: revenue per client, customer satisfaction, profit margin, retention rate

IT Consultant at CEO’s Office

• As the technology consultant, served as the primary liaison between business, engineering & management
• Collaborated with a team of 6 to digitize traditional education methods impacting 900 students
• Led development of website & ERP ensuring remote teachings by 12 teachers & management by 6 staff
• Created the web LMS platform with 60% lead conversion and reported an increase in revenue by $20,000

Blockchain Developer

Pearl Services is a Pune city-based start-up aiming for blockchain applications to freelancing sites. I completed my winter internship by positively exhibiting skills such as Full Stack Development, Report Writing and Data Management. During my tenure I achieved the following:

• Researched 5 white papers on Hyperledger by Linux Foundation and produced a condensed 1-page data report using Microsoft Excel
• Created game in Javascript with live score update on the website which improved page retention time by 300%
• Experimented with Ethereum Decentralised Applications, based on Blockchain Technology, to develop an MVP for an escrow-less freelancing platform within 20 days

Management Information System Intern

I worked for Raamaya Technologies which is well known IT solutions company in Pune. Ramaya Technologies provide IT solutions for online operations and with being a part of the tech teams here I was involved in the following activities:

• Led backend team size of 4 deploying a web application via FTP for fulfilling 2 clients
• Collaborated with frontend team using Trello board &operated on JavaScript, React & jQuery
• Utilized Google Analytics, Console &Tag Manager to test caching scripts performance increment by 25%
• Researched upon AWS Cloud Elastic HPC cluster for client virtualization VMware (RedHat Linux OS)

Degree Programs

Master of Science – MS, Management Information Systems, General

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science

Licenses and Certifications