Alina Cosmas
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Information Technology
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Top Rated Plus Project Product Manager

Helping clients to transform their ideas and teams’ expertise into the successful world-changing products??

Brand Ambassador

Product Project Manager

? OKButton is a mobile application designed to simplify the process of communicating with those who love us, to let them know we’re doing alright, without explaining, and letting them know where we are.

Project Manager / Producer

Product Project Manager

– Market research including the close-up on the competitors’ revenue streams
– Recruitment.
– Project management, including the implementation of Agile techniques.
– Creating monetization models for the company’s products.
–  Definition and support of project processes and strategy, ensuring that product development is moving forward achieving the preset goal.
– Release management.
– Product analytics via Firebase and Amplitude Analytics tools.

IT Project and Product Manager

– Definition and support of project processes and strategy.
– Management of project teams, monitoring of their performance.
– Identification and work with project risks.
– Implementation of new product features based on own market research.
– Ownership of the variety of researches, including A/B testing, costumer development research.
– Implementation of SCRUM methodology with all of the traditional ceremonies such as: Planning, Daily Standups, Retrospective, Demo, Grooming.

Project Manager

– Creating an effective business development strategy. – Developing and motivating team. – Organizing and controlling the team’s work process. Tracking it with Trello. – Engaging the potential partners and investors to the further cooperation. – Hiring new team members, incl. at positions Web designer, iOS developer, UX / UI designer. – Active participation in the creation of promo materials, printing, incl. building concepts using Adobe Photoshop for designers and programmers.


Leading the group of 15 promoters in a frames of Start-Up project from Marlboro brand, assisting them on their way to achieve the monthly goal and start their own business.
– recruitment;
– reporting;
– motivating, team building;
– organizing events.

Project Manager

Project Manager

Marketing Specialist


Promoting Projects, growing the interest of the society to projects and AIESEC in general.
Making positive impression.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degree, Sociology

Advanced, English


Licenses and Certifications

Managing the company of the Future

The Manager’s Toolkit: Managing People at Work

Product management

Agile Product Ownership

Business Analysis

Marketing Specialist

Digital Workshop Certification

Marketing on Instagram Online

Instagram Marketing for StartUps and Enterpreneurs

Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients

Digital Marketing Certification