Kylie Ball
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Novice (1/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
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Listening Metrics definition Negotiation Performance tracking Relationship building Stakeholder alignment Writing and presentation
Skill Progression

Company Manager/Chief of

Highlights: Spearheaded the successful acquisition of FDA Emergency Use Authorization for an innovative COVID-19 test as a co-author and submission editor, driving swift market entry. Orchestrated the attainment of over $11MM in NIH grant funding, skillfully navigating grant milestones and demonstrating a keen understanding of the funding landscape. Pioneered the development and seamless implementation of vital communication plans, cutting-edge eQMS, MRP, and cloud-based file repository systems, amplifying operational eficiency.
• Oversaw and managed a portfolio of 11+ projects between 7 departments, providing direction and company alignment towards actionable outcomes related to company goals and objectives.
• Unearthed growth opportunities, crafting actionable business systems expansion plans to drive company-wide improvements and operational excellence for three new products.
• Collaborated closely with the CEO and Executive Leadership to delineate project milestones, deliverables, and tasks, championing robust project reporting standards.
• Skillfully tracked progress, authored bi-monthly reports, and managed invoicing for active grants totaling $15MM+.

Applied Patient Care Skills Coordinator

Highlights: Engineered a seamless transition of a 10-hour, in-person multi-rotational skills examination to a virtual format on Zoom, enabling uninterrupted assessments during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Garnered a prestigious SPOT award from the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy for exceptional contributions. Pioneered the establishment of a cutting-edge SMART classroom, a first across the UCSF campus, fostering advanced learning experiences.
• Launched and managed an innovative Applied Skills curriculum, single-handedly overseeing 8 courses and guiding 226+ students toward skill mastery.
• Led cross-functional teams in pioneering process enhancements and technology solutions, catalyzing policy evolution and setting benchmarks for subsequent courses.
• Negotiated and proposed data-backed findings and recommendations to stakeholders, these enhancements drove streamlined operations, optimized eficiency, and laid the groundwork for sustained improvements.
• Initiated and executed onboarding and implementation strategies for cutting-edge program management and communication tools, notably spearheading the adoption of Asana as a project management solution. Led the successful integration of Asana, benefiting 18 staf members and 10 faculty, enhancing collaboration and productivity across the organization.

Degree Programs

Certificate in Biotechnology Project

Associate of Applied Science in Digital Photography

Bachelor of Science

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No Licenses or Certifications Found.