Kunal Rai
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Rookie (2/6)
Finance Tech
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Product Manager

Solving some interesting problems at scale in the e-commerce industry

Product Manager

– Revamped the complete user onboarding flow, key OKR of users reaching dashboard improved by 12%. Improved communication throughout the onboarding with social and trust validations, leading to 15% more users fetching credit reports and providing consents to read their Gmail – thus leading to better analytics and advisory
– Critical third-party integrations to make the KYC flow intelligent, automated and seamless – resulting in nearly 4X jump in the funnel conversions in less than 3 months – solving the most complex KYC problem of India across Bank Savings Account, NBFC FDs, Mutual Funds, US Stocks & Crypto
– Launched all-in-one account opening for Savings Account + US Stocks + Mutual Funds – industry’s first implementation of a KYC journey across such varied products – this led to 5 Lakh+ Full-KYC Savings Accounts opened in less than 3 months – the fastest neobank to do so
– Ensured investment readiness benchmark for users even with soaring new user acquisition (250% growth Q-o-Q). Conceptualised an auto-approval engine for MF fresh KYC cases leading to 95%+ cases being approved without any operations involvement (from 0% in 2 months time)
– Launched the end-to-end CKYC stack at INDmoney – Search, Download and Upload – enabling us to utilise CKYC records as well as create CKYC records in our capacity of a SEBI-regulated RIA

Senior Product Manager

Product Manager

Part of the Liability Products Management setup creating best-in-class experiences for end-users with a clear focus on simplification of complicated user journeys. Only Product Manager in LPM to be rated ‘1-Exceeds Expectations’ in both appraisal cycles at YES Bank. Roles included –

PM – Digital Transformation
– Conceptualised the Onboarding and KYC journey for Yes Bank’s new mobile application with a vision to create a one-stop solution for all financial needs
– Industry-first profile creation approach to user onboarding for Savings+Credit Cards+Investments in a single journey, worked on incremental improvements to reduce funnel drops
– Worked on platform-level projects such as widgetisation, theme-supports, vernacular-language support, etc.
– Slashed CAC through alliances by 90%, drop-offs by 80% by employing critical journey enhancements

PM for individual remittances (inward and LRS)
– Worked on streamlining processes to ensure leakages and TATs for credit were brought down by 25%
– Initiated a campaign calendar with analytics on which purpose people remit abroad for leading to 150% Q-o-Q growth in volumes
– Conceptualised on-ground training content over internal apps for non-direct sales channel

PM – SME Portfolio and Analytics
– Created intricate propensity models for channel activation and reactivation, wallet-based CA modelling leading to 20% increase in cross-sell and YoY acquisition by 20%

Summer Intern

A part of Yes Bank’s flagship Y-EPEP Summer Internship Program. Interned in the Global Indian Banking (GIB) Department under the guidance of Mr. Amresh Acharya, Group President and Head – GIB. Offered a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) for an exemplary performance during the summer internship.

-Primary research with representative offices, customers and partners across the segment
-Provided critical insights into market composition, distribution channels & consumer perception
– Recommended promotional strategies and organizational modifications to improve sales potential
-Devised a phased strategic roadmap on customer acquisition and retention through digital channels
-Devised gaps in the product portfolio through a thorough competitive benchmarking

Product Engineer

• Technology Consultant working for application development for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Industry.
• Developed mobile banking applications and products (iOS/Android) for a major client in the UAE.

Project Research Intern

Worked under Dr. S. N. Omkar (Chief Research Scientist, Aerospace Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) and Dr. J Senthilnath on “Automatic Image Registration and Fusion for high-resolution multi-sensor satellite imagery”. Published in Springer Publications at https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12524-016-0576-3

Degree Programs

MBA (International Business), Finance, Marketing

Bachelor’s Degree, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

Adobe Target

Data Mining, Data Distributions, & Hypothesis Testing

Product Management: Building a Product Strategy

Tableau: Interface and Visualizations

Infrastructure Financing

Making Investment Decisions

Java Core

Introduction to App Campaigns

Design Thinking Practitioner

MCX Certified Commodity Professional

Google Analytics Certification

Google Adwords Certification