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Novice (1/6)
Finance Tech
Evaluated for Director of Product and Generalist PM role archetype
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Product Analyst

• Designed a GTM strategy for Quebec’s mortgage lending market resulting in a 46% increase in sales.
• Uncovered critical user pain points and competitive analysis for the QuestMortgage platform.
• Increased product sales growth by 67% by improving product efficiency, aligning features with user needs and consulting critical stakeholders.
• Delivered an end-to-end design from research and strategy to prototyping and A/B testing for product launch.

Product Marketing Manager

• Managed full-cycle projects in consumer engagement and marketing research, for the following brands: U by Kotex®, Huggies®, Cottonelle®, Depend®, and Poise®, totaling a $10 million sales volume.
• Designed proposals & reports using Excel and PowerPoint to conduct trend analysis, competition research, and define the target market for introduction of products to the institutional market via B2B sales
• Designed a product guide for the Huggies® brand, to distribute to institutions around Canada.
• Collaborated with cross functional teams to redesign and the Huggies® and Cottonelle® brand websites.
• Headed a new product launch using monthly ad-hocs, resulting in the company’s highest ever recoded traffic count and 15,000-unit sales in 3 days.

Web Developer & Product Designer

• Developed websites (main and e-commerce), with an emphasis on a high-quality UI/UX, rigorous code testing in line with best practices for website development, including mobile and responsive site design.
• Created & managed new Google Ads Campaigns which increased sales by over 70%.
• Implemented Search Engine Optimization improving the website’s loading speed through backlinks by 175%.
• Designed product specs, and 3D models on Adobe Dimension.

Product Manager

• Designed new go-to-market product strategies and online marketing campaigns resulting in a 136% online traffic increase a 41% boost in conversion rates.
• Led the product development for a new cloud-based POS system, which increased customer acquisition efficiency by 56%.
• Produced innovative business strategies with relevant stakeholders resulting in a significant market share increase.

Entrepreneurial Experience


• Designed an integrated chain of international clothing suppliers directly linked to e-commerce operations resulting in an automated sales process.
• Built a network of 200 Brand Ambassadors worldwide providing a great boost in marketing and brand value.
• Designed a user-friendly and modern e-commerce website to support online sales.
• Designed a loyalty program to boost sales among the existing customer base.

Degree Programs

Business Technology Management

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