Kim Dowd
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Professional and Business Services
Evaluated for Senior Product Manager and Consumer PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Staff Product Designer

Senior Product Design Manager

Project work in healthcare, sales, transformation, financial, and entertainment products and services. Delivering service design and webapps.

Growing designer and design manager careers via coaching, feedback, and advocacy, leading to 100% of the design team responding they strongly agree with the statement “I believe my supervisor is supportive of and committed to my professional development.”

Building a design culture within a nascent organization.

Ensuring design excellence by facilitating group critiques, manager and peer review, and use of pattern library, as well as teaching and documenting best practices in research, facilitation and collaboration methods, yielding increased demand for design on projects.

Leading the user-centered product definition and build process for cross-functional teams to launch validated products that align business outcomes, user needs, and technical complexity.

Principal Product Designer

BSPK (Fashion tech startup)
Envisioned redesign of UX/UI experience of startup digital product focused on connecting luxury fashion sales representatives to clientele. Worked in close collaboration with CEO and engineering leads.
Deliverables: mobile wireframes, sitemaps, visual design, branding, marketing landing page

Bionic (Boutique consultancy consultancy acquired by Accenture)
Designed the user experience for the first launch of software to help manage a growth portfolio of early stage startups. Led finding of problem/solution fit for users, interface and visual design in collaboration with product management and engineering.
Deliverables: user research plan, synthesis, pain points, service blueprint, website wireframes, sitemaps, visual design.

Mach49 (Consultancy)
Advised on scaling design and user research practices within a consultancy. Led user research to uncover and solve pain points in service offering.
Deliverables: User research plan, synthesized learnings

Led workshops to teach product teams collaboration best practices through the product life cycle.
Deliverables: Workshop agenda and facilitation

Product Design Practice Lead

Pivotal Labs is an engineering consultancy with an embedded client model.

Advising most senior designers in every office on career and client situations. Ensured design excellence across 17 offices and ~100 designers by aligning and teaching best practices in design, user research, collaboration, product definition, and product delivery. Partnered with engineering and product management leads.

Refined design skills matrix via robust process of feedback and experimentation, ensuring an unbiased and useful assessment of skills for designers.

Senior Product Design Manager

Doubled design team size by refining the value proposition of the role, leading interviews, training senior designers to lead interviews, and pairing with recruiting to streamline the process and remove bias.

Led senior product designers across multiple startup and enterprise projects simultaneously, including discovery and validation research, wireframing and visual design.

Product Design Manager

Increased demand for design offerings by standardizing project offerings for clients (timeline, methods, results, value) and codifying and teaching consistent best practices to project teams (designers, PMs, engineers).

Coached and grew the careers of product designers, leading to increased tenure and decreased attrition.

Lead Product Design

Led design workstream while embedded with one product/client at a time, including UX research, synthesis, workflows, wireframing, visual design. Collaboration with engineering and PM to launch features.

Established, optimized, and scaled weekly critique within the design practice, leading to increased design quality and design career growth.

Product Designer

Clients: CurrentTV, WeHeartIt, Secret Groups

Deliverables: Workflows, wireframes, visual design

Design Instructor

Taught and iterated content for class “Communicated Design Fundamentals” for HCI undergraduate students.

Created a manual for future teachers.

Co-founder & Designer

Co-founder of wedding planning startup, in Batch #2 of the 500 Startups accelerator.

Human Sciences Intern

Visual Designer

New York Times, Hearst Magazines, Gourmet Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Haymarket Media, Urban Design Associates, Perkins Eastman, Independent Musician Magazine, Architect’s Toolbox

Degree Programs

Master of Design, Interaction Design

Bachelor of Science, Architecture

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