Kent McDonald
Skill Score
Legend (6/6)
Education Tech
Product Manager and Writer

Accomplished product management professional who writes about and practices software product management. Works with cross functional teams to discover and deliver maximum outcome with minimum output. Uses business analysis and facilitation techniques to build a shared understanding between product teams and stakeholders from all relevant parts of the organization. Ensures informed, timely decisions get made in order to deliver the desired results within key constraints. Uses agile approaches and adaptations of scrum and kanban frameworks to learn through short feedback cycles.

Evaluated for Senior Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Product vision Business model design Market analysis Product roadmap Build vs buy vs partner Feature prioritization Data retrieval Product requirements User journey and personas User research User feedback review Stakeholder alignment Agile methodologies Performance tracking Growth experiments Market positioning Marketing collateral Distribution planning Relationship building Wireframes and mocks
Skill Progression

Business Systems Supervisor

Served as primary leadership force of IT development and analysis operations. Established and maintained productive relationships with clients. Determined technical aspects of performance marketing programs. Boosted customer service quality and satisfaction. Enhanced the IT project development platform. Created web-based customer service system.

Project Leader

Stimulated significant growth in client business with the introduction of IT solutions and by elevating the performance of operational platform. Slashed case load with the introduction of an income management program. Enhanced public program regulations access with the establishment of a new packaged content management system.

Program Manager and Application Engineer

Successfully spearheaded global Saturn Power and Signal Distribution System product development efforts, delivering multimillion-dollar cost reductions.

Product Manager

Product Manager & Writer

Publish product-related content on and other product management related websites

Key Achievements
* Deliver weekly newsletter providing just in time resources for internal product people
* Maintain as a resource about internal products with 14,000+ views per month

Product Manager

Lead creation and validation of Production Strategy through customer research
Lead discovery of automated workflow capability
Led customer discovery for online application

Product Manager

Deliver an internal product for a leading agriscience company that determines production costs and manages risk for seed production.
* Keep product team focused on outcomes over outputs
* Build a shared understanding among product team and stakeholders
* Make sure decisions get made to maintain forward progress

Product Owner

Key Achievements
• Led redesign and ongoing maintenance of Agile Alliance conference submission system to facilitate evaluation of over 1,100 submissions per year and selection of 240 conference sessions.
• Oversaw redesign and ongoing maintenance and support of resulting in 500% growth in traffic from 2016 to 2018.
• Successfully chaired Agile2013 Conference for 1,780 attendees, raising nearly $1M for non-profit operations.

Senior Business Analyst

Program Manager

Drove attainment of company performance objectives by leading strategic program initiatives and high risk projects. Coached project staff in maintaining stakeholder-focused approach to program management.
Key Achievements
• Directed $11M program to deliver enterprise data warehouse.
• Succeeded in reducing costs by $1M for provider data system through vendor selection process.

IT Project Manager

Director of IT Content

Business Systems Analyst

Senior Business Analyst

Product Manager & Coach

Spearhead internal product development efforts, create and deliver comprehensive business analysis and product owner training. Publish product-related content. Coached product owners at retail, insurance, and internet organizations. Trained development teams at enterprise software company in resolving process issues.

Key Achievements
* Deliver weekly newsletter providing just in time resources for internal product people
* Maintain as a resource about internal products with 14,000+ views per month
* Launched first Agile training product for business analysis training company.
* Facilitated release planning for 100+ person product development team at enterprise software company.
* Implemented multiple enhancements to project portfolio management application financial services institution resulting in consistent view of project status, risks, and budget.

Senior Business Analyst

Orchestrated $200 million mortgage lending business integration, leading 6 business analysts. Developed credit-based business rules for mortgages, analyzing credit policies and testing rules.
* Introduced business rule management processes while managing system upgrades and revisions.
* Isolated more than 1,000 business rules in collaboration with 20-person cross-functional project team.

Business Systems Analyst

Facilitated critical software and web-based programs, boosting corporate performance. Successfully aligned program specifications, system development and testing, and vendor relations with strategic imperatives.
* Propelled performance index scores by 15%, integrating new data source into claim performance and tracking data mart through large, complex project, leading team of 4.
* Slashed open claim inventory by magnitude of 10 through innovative business-aligned system.
* Launched software tool for data warehouse audit data complying with HIPAA regulations.
* Enhanced business intelligence programs, selecting Extract, Transform, and Load Tool.
* Led $500,000 program establishing scheduling and web publishing functions in existing application.

Degree Programs

BS, Industrial Engineering

Executive Master of Business Administration, Business Admininstration

Product Management Core Curriculum, Product Management

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.