Justine Chua
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Consumer Tech
MBA '23 at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University || Founder of The Bumpy Career, premier blog on interning and job hunting for Filipino Gen Z's

Hello there, quick summary on me!

I’ve most recently worked in category and product management, for the ULP hair portfolio. Prior to that I worked in IT project management, both locally and regionally (handling the APAC and EMEA region), and in ecommerce operations. I was in a rotational development program with Unilever Philippines from January 2018 to December 2019, hence why I switched roles often.

As a personal project, I started my blog back in 2016 because I realized I couldn’t find any information about job hunting from someone’s firsthand experience here in Manila, particularly from a Filipino perspective. Instead of waiting for someone else to solve that gap, I decided to share what I knew to the younger batches after me.

Along the way of building a profitable and educational blog, I’ve picked up the marketing and operational basics of running a content and a consulting business.

Feedback on me has consistently highlighted my focus on
1) the customer and user experience, always prioritizing how to lessen the friction in their actions
2) “bricklaying” wherein I spend my time more on optimizing operational basics above nice-to-have projects

For hiring or job opportunities:
I’m interested in highly collaborative environments where we are pushing new frontiers. Unsure environments with unclear parameters are where I thrive. My skills lie in figuring out the unknown, simplifying communication on complex topics, and creating content that both educates and interests its targeted audience.

3 of my top 5 Strengthsfinder are Activator, Communication, and Adaptability.

For an idea of what it’s like to work with me, click here: https://www.thebumpycareer.com/work-with-me/resume-consultation

For more information, email me at [email protected] or check out my blog www.thebumpycareer.com

Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Consumer PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Business model design Market analysis Product roadmap Build vs buy vs partner Feature prioritization Data retrieval Product requirements User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Stakeholder alignment Agile methodologies Performance tracking Growth experiments Market positioning Marketing collateral Distribution planning Relationship building
Skill Progression

MBA Candidate

Category and Product Manager

– Handles Men’s Shampoo category and 1 Specialized Beauty brand
– Landed 2 Q1 2020 innovations at 150+% above targets FY and 1 Q2 2020 innovation at 100+% above target FY
– Planned and executed Men’s Shampoo ecomm strat plan, unlocking 5x growth this year [vs target of 2x].

Regional Sales IT Project Lead

Was SEAA CD (Customer Development) IT Project Lead for launch and stabilize stages of an internal-use app for sales teams in several markets:

– Worked with key stakeholders across 12+ country teams to optimize back-end processes and infrastructure for internal-use app.
– Developed automation, documentation, and team resources to codify market stabilization strategy.
– Traveled to Malaysia and Thailand to assist management and vendor partner in stabilizing business relations.

– Special Project: Co-leading department module for Unilever Business Week 2019, key employer branding project targeted to college students. Building vendor review case to showcase how ETS functions within the company.

Philippines IT Special Project Manager

Was assigned to be GeoIT Special Projects Coordinator.

Led initiatives on learning, robotic process automation adoption, and Docusign adoption while supporting local IT projects in early stages.

– Drove Docusign adoption in local offices through marketing initiatives, 20+ direct engagements, and developing into in-office technical consultant for Docusign. Total documented use-cases were at 45+ by end stint.
– Supported creation of robotic process automation (RPA) demand funnel framework, which was adapted to become regional standard and still in effect.
– Screened possible projects against RPA demand funnel framework to see which could be supported at early trial stages.
– Executed year’s learning plans for department, preparing E2E (from vendor selection to event management) a PowerBI training for 15+ people, design thinking workshop with partner agency, and ad-hoc trainings on 6 pillar skills.

Unilever Future Leaders Program Management Trainee

1 out of the 7 chosen for UFLP PH 2018, out of 4000+ candidates nationwide.

Every 6 months we are rotated to a new role with new projects and KPIs given.

Ecommerce Operations Executive

Supported stabilization of e-commerce strategy through operational and special project work over 5 months:

– Spearheaded cataloging of 1000+ SKU e-commerce database (product shots, measurements, prices, etc.) for all teams’ ease of use.
– Spearheaded on-boarding of customer service team for all e-commerce marketplace accounts; prepared scripts and scenario planning for 20 most common situations based on historical data.
– Recommended 70+ bundle packs based on historical customer purchasing data that contributed XX% uplift in non-sale days sales via organic sales only.
– Piloted content-to-commerce FB ads framework to test and document customers’ preferred CTAs and collaterals on a per brand basis.
– Retrofitted defunct e-commerce online stock tracking software, following UX principles to simplify and automate. Worked with freelance developer to redesign, test, and launch the software in 3 weeks.

Case Team Assistant

– Interviewed 327 consumers for insight on telecom habits, purchasing, and spending; created a matrix to rank consumers by 18 different variables
– Personally visited 29 telecom stores in 3 weeks to test selling process; created a standard sales associate profile (grouping them into 4 types), and customer spiel to test sales associate knowledge on 5 aspects of telecom business


Sales Organizational Development intern in charge of performance tracking.

– Project manager of “BBG Performance Tracking” where current job role worth a $2M investment and with over 200 employed, was studied. 4 pain points outlined, with 3 solutions for each, presented to senior management.

– Formulated a 7 point performance tracker to realign with the 5 point vision for this role. Presented plan before PMFTC’s senior management team, with a 4 phase action plan currently being rolled out around the country.


– Founded the Philippines’ premiere blog on interning, resumes, and job hunting for Gen Z college students.
– As of April 2019, has 75 posts which generated over 253000+ views, 121000+ individual visitors, and 19600+ likes on FB. All organic, and with no paid promotional effort.
– Writes about own experiences and findings in an informal, friendly way to demystify careers and the working life for Filipino college students
– Given over 21+ workshops and talks on careers and job hunting at assorted universities

Senior Marketing Executive

– Team lead of 6 new Marketing Associates, trains them in Blogapalooza culture of remote work but results oriented.
– Locked in 3 destination giveaway sponsorships, first of its kind at Blogapalooza.
– Was FB and Instagram social media manager for event proper, resulted in 12000+ organic impressions for the event itself from Blogapalooza Facebook page.

AVP for Funds

– Project manager of ‘Merchandising’; in charge of contacting, negotiating, and manufacturing with suppliers for the initial batch of official Barefoot merchandise.
– Conceptualizes unique merchandise that fits within the organization’s thrust, such as pillow cases and shoes, and coordinates with known designers in the community for the prints.
– Directed the marketing campaign for the merchandise launch last November, which resulted in Php10k revenue during the first week of selling. As of May, over Php490k in profit made with the various merchandise.

Externals Lead

– Partnered with other organizations, academic institutions, and corporate entities for the 7 events and training sessions held over the school year.
– Interviewed and screened 17 applicants for the 2 other vacant Lead (Vice President) positions.
– Partnered with the Sector Based Cluster of ADMU to provide tech training to underprivileged members of the community in exchange for their support during Microsoft’s in-school activities.
– Organized a 5 time training session for 12 underprivileged mothers with the partnership of the Office of Social Concern and Involvement

Accounts Manager

– Formed partnerships and brokered sponsorships for Blogapalooza, a business-meets-blogger event pioneered by When In Manila.
– Locked in 2 bronze sponsorships with partner, Raymond Evaristo, and negotiated it from a Php20,000 cash to Php50,000 cash deal.
– Facebook community manager for the event itself, resulting in +200 likes and average of 8000 post reach to the official Blogapalooza page within the day.


Information Services intern in charge of Project iSMS

-Project manager of ‘iSMS Innovative Deployment Approach’ where current training was assessed and improvements made upon my analysis.
– Collected information from over 85 previous participants, analyzed the data in 4 days, and implemented recommendations which cut down training time from 51 hours to 39 hours.
– Planned a ‘Function Day’ to teach the other interns what IS does in 3 days during Week 5; prepared a simulation barangay for the interns to understand life as a salesman, complete with iPads, tutorials, products, and challenges.

ROHQ- PCG Intern

– Studied 5 specific systems Citibank uses to publish their treasury and currency findings in < 3 weeks. – Created 8 macros to increase efficiency for the Treasury department (i.e. from 16 clicks to 2 clicks). Did not know how to make a macro beforehand. *I'm the first sophomore ever accepted in the program.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degree, Management, Major in Communications Technology Management

Grade School & High School Diploma, High School/Secondary Diplomas and Certificates

Licenses and Certifications

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