Julie .Lasu
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Finance Tech Healthcare Pharmaceuticals
Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Listening Market analysis Metrics definition Negotiation Performance tracking Relationship building Stakeholder alignment Data retrieval Digital marketing Distribution planning Market positioning Writing and presentation Marketing collateral
Skill Progression

Junior Project Lead

Key Contributions:

þ Development and execution of client program activities and action plans
þ Planning, implementation, and reporting of client projects
þ Coordination of project teams allocated to the client projects
þ Collaborating with representatives of the client side to ensure smooth project implementation
þ Actively involved in business development activities in order to bring new opportunities and/ or clients
þ Collaborating with cross-functional teams across Europe for smooth project implementation.
þ Conducting research and collect data for proper decision making in client projects
þ Responded to inquiries from various stakeholders including clients, donors and partners for enhanced decision making.

Product Manager

Key Contributions:

Overall responsiblility for managing the development of the MVP version of the product.

þ Created buy-in for the product vision both internally and with key external partners.
þ Translated product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes.
þ Gain a deep understanding of customer experience, identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience and drive growth.
þ Developed product pricing and positioning strategies.
þ Worked closely with engineering teams to deliver with quick time-to-market and optimal resources.
þ Evaluated promotional plans to ensure that they are consistent with product line strategy and that the message is effectively conveyed.
þ Acted as a product evangelist to build awareness and understanding.

Project Officer

Key Contributions:
þ Executing project activities as well as overseeing the implementation of project objectives as per agreed proposals and budget allocations.
þ Generating annual projects plans detailing project plans, set budgets, project deliverables and project expected turn over time.
þ Maintaining the M&E database and ensuring all quantitative data is collected and computed on time.
þ Coordinating projects and ensuring both project success and that the project is delivered on time and within budget.
þ Performing risk assessments to ensure a minimalization of hiccups and delays during projects.
þ Coordinating internal resources and third parties for flawless execution of projects and providing input on project monitoring & evaluation to donors.
þ Designing surveys and questionnaires to collect data to monitor feedback from existing audience/target groups.
þ Planning the function’s budget and workforce and set up team priorities.
þ Consolidating my strategic inputs together with the Managing Director to develop and surpass set business targets.
þ Researching on various ways of improving the internal M&E tools as well as formulating reasonable monitoring parameters for the existing projects.
þ Spearheaded performance monitoring to ensure the function meets all targets.
þ Aiding in designing a business plan and marketing strategy for the organization & developing marketing strategies to attract potential clients.

Project Consultant

Key Contributions: Cross-border project
þ Handled the mapping and identification of individuals and institutions for onboarding to the RVI’s research network project in South Sudan, Sudan and Somaliland.
þ Coordinated communication and exchange of vital information between the RVI Programme Manager and the London team.
þ Reduced project risks by conducting analysis and due diligence of selected project partners.
þ Spearheaded the planning and organization of the company’s gender and generation workshop to host projects held in Naivasha, Kenya.
þ Oversaw the 3-day research methodologies workshop which included selecting and booking of the venue, making reservations, booking flights and attending to all 40 project partners.

Key Contributions: National Archives Project
þ Pioneered the digitalization work at the National Archives site in Munuki overseeing staff development and proper data collection and storage.
þ Coordinated all required project logistics from budget funding to event planning.
þ Optimized staff output by ensuring incorporation of RVI staff into new and upcoming company projects.
þ Collaborated with Programme manager to develop, expand and improve existing projects.
þ Improved the visibility of company projects by collaborating with the Programme manager to ensure proper documentation of projects.
þ Provided assistance to Programme Manager during preparation and presentation of reports to donors.

Data Officer

þ Contributed in local capacity building through training 1 1 staff members at the Centre on the newly introduced computerized system.
þ Facilitated the effective implementation of the Electronic Dispensing Tool program in the Anti retroviral Therapy Centre at Juba Teaching Hospital.
þ Collected manually filled pharmaceutical reporting forms monthly, entered the data onto excel spreadsheets and analyzed 12 to 15 tracer medicines obtained from more than fifty Primary Health Care Centers and Primary Health Care Units from 2 major states in South Sudan.
þ Strengthened the capacity of more than twenty 20 health care officers in State Ministry of Health, County Health Departments and Health Facilities offices to manage, analyze and provide feedback.
þ Supervised the installation of EDT on six computers required for efficient service delivery to the patients.

Project Manager

Key Contributions:
þ Coordinated with the senior producer in drafting Terms of Reference (TORs) or key inputs (i.e., personnel, sub-contracts, training and procurement) and submitted to FVSS for clearance and approval.
þ Led the implementation of HR policies and supported recruitment and hiring of staff (both freelance and fixed) throughout the project.
þ Coordinated eleven team members to produce radio broadcasts (in English & Arabic) for a Human Rights project.
þ Chaired the team that obtained ample information on possible human rights topics as spelt out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the South Sudan Transitional Constitution.
þ Acted as ‘presenter’ for more than ten English audio broadcasts associated with the project; reviewed more than ten English presenter’s scripts and more than fifteen English audio broadcasts to ensure the language used was simple and comprehensible.
þ Drafted recommendation and access letters for the journalists & stringers to facilitate story collection at different institutions e.g., government offices, local courts, prisons, police stations, health facilities etc.
þ Oversaw the implementation of all set huma resource policies while ensuring proper recruitment, hiring and personnel onboarding.
þ Fully supported and provided input on the project start-ups as well as overseeing the full establishment of project offices and acquiring donor funding.

Degree Programs

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