Josh Heurung
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Healthcare Innovation and Delivery

Analytical, strategic, and systems thinker who brings value to organizations at the intersection of data analytics, human centered processes, and technology.

Large bredth of experience in improving primary care access, ambulatory quality metric, patient experience, measuring clinical and financial outcomes of care delivery, optimization of staff & resources, high risk care management, risk adjustment, and COVID surge planning & response.

Continuously looking for ways in which we can reframe healthcare through more service design principles, digital health, and data science.

Core competencies:
– User Experience, Process Improvement, and Logistics (Lean/Six Sigma/Journey Mapping);
– Project Management (PMP Certified);
– Business Planning and Analysis: developing OKRs and KPIs, forecasting, simulation, scheduling, capacity and demand planning
– Data Visualization and Communication (Excel, Tableau, SQL, and R);

Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Data retrieval Stakeholder alignment Performance tracking Growth experiments Relationship building Product vision Market analysis Product roadmap Agile methodologies Feature prioritization
Skill Progression

Process Improvement

As an improvment advisor, I led cross functional improvement projects by defining project scope and objectives, designing stakeholder communication plans, collecting quantitative and qualitative data to clarify current state, mapping current and future state processes, and implementing prioritized solutions in an agile manner.

• Led remote work transition for the organization, impacting roughly administrative 4,000 staff, by leading a cross-functional team to implement new processes and procedures.
• Facilitated COVID-19 response in surgical services by developing operational processes to dial-up and dial-down volumes across 4 hospitals and 2 procedural centers.
• Optimized clinical staffing volumes across 16 specialties to support system-wide care redesign by collecting data from time studies, the EHR, and collaborating with clinical staff and department leaders.
• Collaborated with University of Wisconsin’s Industrial and Systems Engineering department to host senior capstone projects within the organization; completed 16 projects since 2019.
• Facilitate root cause analyses on serious safety events in the organization using a systems based, human factors approach.
• Coached and supported leaders in implementation of a system-wide lean management system, called the UW Health Way which covered topics including: A3 problem solving, value stream mapping, and strategic focus.


Healthcare Analyst

Created quantitative analyses to support operational and strategic initiatives in quality, patient experience, population health, pharmacy, and primary care operations. Collaborated with operations and technology to develop business & technical requirements, and design clinician facing solutions in Epic, as well as back-end reporting solutions within Qlikview, SAS, and Crystal Reports using data sourced via Epic’s Cogito database.

Quality Metric Development
• Facilitated the development, build, validation, and implementation of quality metrics across the organization, and partnered with quality leaders to minimize care gaps effecting approximately 200,000 unique patients.

Care Management and Population Health/Value Based Care
• Developed process and outcome metrics to support the organization’s newly developed care management program. Completed outcome analyses to measure effectiveness of interventions on utilization, re-admission, and overall cost of care. Later integrating this portfolio of metrics across several different geographic regions using agile.

Opioid Pandemic
• Developed reporting tools to ensure that all patients on long term opioids were in alignment with CDC best practices. Identified areas of opportunity across the organization to decrease net opioid order volumes.

Patient Experience
• Developed reporting tools to help leaders understand how medical staff and locations are performing to their peers in other organizations using CG-CAHPS data.

Process Improvement Initiatives
• Facilitated improvement projects in the areas of diabetes care, COPD, risk adjustment, and primary care access.

Operational Reporting
• Implemented reporting tools to support existing and new programs including diabetes education and clinical pharmacy.
• Completed outcomes analyses on clinical programs to support additional provider and clinician growth.

Health Informatics Intern

Gained functional understanding of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and their use within an academic medical center.

Learned how to use relational reporting tools (Crystal Reports), as well as operational reporting tools within Epic.

Engagement Services Intern

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Field Training Officer & EMT-B

Supervised teams of EMTs responsible for responding to medical emergencies during large events at the University of Minnesota.

Educated new and current team volunteers by designing and presenting classroom presentations, along with creating and facilitating scenario based training exercises.

Mentored and coached new volunteers during their probationary periods to ensure they became knowledgeable of organizational policies and procedures.

Degree Programs

Master of Engineering (M.Eng), Health Systems Engineering

B.S., Biology

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.