Joel Okpapi
Skill Score
Professional (3/6)
Education Tech
Product Management | Product Design | Web 3.0 | FinTech | CleanTech | Technical Recruiter

I am a lifelong learner with practical experience in technical product management, product design (UI/UX), e-commerce and technical support.

I have a solid grounding in the start-up space in Nigeria and I have been privileged to have learnt fundamental principles of running and managing a business from scratch.

I am available to collaborate on life changing ideas and opportunities for mutual growth.

Evaluated for Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Database structure Negotiation Writing and presentation Product vision Market analysis Product roadmap Build vs buy vs partner Feature prioritization System design API integration Data retrieval Product requirements User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Stakeholder alignment Agile methodologies Performance tracking Relationship building
Skill Progression

Product Manager

My role at BoroMe Limited covers;

1. Accurate and deep understanding of the needs of users and operations, sorting out the needs, and formulating product plans, solving problems creatively, meeting high-efficiency needs, improving user experience, controlling and reducing risks.

2. Writing product requirements documents, doing a good job of product planning, formulating development schedules, and coordinating UI & developers to deliver products and functions on time and with high quality according to the plan.

3. Carrying out market research, having keen insight into competitive products and market changes, and also submitting market research reports on time.

4. Doing a good job in monitoring and evaluation of developers and outsourcing technical teams,
establishing and improving working procedures and systems, and formulating and implementing
evaluation rewards and punishments for technical personnel.

Product Designer

Product Manager/Designer (UI/UX)


In my capacity as Founder/CTO at, I manage all technology related operations. is a peer-2-peer rental marketplace that promotes reusability, community interaction and income generation through proximity based rental services.

Senior Reintegration Officer – Server Support Engineer

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Daily management of the Payporte Affiliate Marketing Network.

Head Of Innovation

New product development and refinement. Worked with team members to find out new ways to further improve all existing products and services.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science & Information Technology

National Diploma, Computer Science

Licenses and Certifications

Certified Product Designer (UI/UX)

Artificial Intelligence Intro

Data Science & Analytics Intro

Agile Software Development

edX Honor Code Certificate for Innovation and Information Technology Management