Jesse DeRose
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Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
I tell stories to guide people through technological change.

Lasting operational resilience stems from people, not from technology. What often appears as a one-time crisis is part of a much larger system influenced by the people, processes, and systems that make up an organization. To achieve lasting success, an organization must focus on the larger system rather than the immediate problem.

I’m focused on lasting impact via long-term change instead of short-term patches. Experience in industries such as EdTech, e-commerce, FinTech, virtual care, and cyber security allows me to facilitate projects across departments and management levels.

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Cloud Economist, Team Manager

People Leader: Provided direction and participated in company-wide hiring efforts. Led team of Cloud Economists, including professional development, product development, and project management responsibilities.

Project Management: Led sprints to manage project health and project post-mortems to improve processes and service offerings. Developed and reported team and engagement health KPIs. Collaborated with Sales to scope projects and manage project delivery capacity.

Strategy Development: Represented the Cloud Economist team in organization-wide business reviews and planning sessions. Developed and delivered growth strategies for optimizing processes, increasing business context and transparency, and improving employee morale.

Content Creation: Generated various types of content including podcasts, blog posts, and Twitter campaigns for engaging with the community, knowledge distribution, and establishing the Duckbill Group as an expert in its space.

Cloud Economist

Cloud Cost Management: Interviewed client stakeholders across seniority levels and departments. Identified client business goals related to cloud cost management. Advised next steps to align cloud cost management and FinOps work with existing processes to accomplish client business goals.

Data Analysis: Analyzed client spend data in tools including Cost Explorer and Tableau to uncover insights such as anomalies, optimization opportunities, and usage patterns. Presented insights to client teams during interviews to understand the business context behind the data.

Product Development and Execution: Developed new and existing services for clients to optimize their cloud spend and mature their cloud cost management processes.

Platform Engineer

Project Management: Represented Platform team in cross-functional roadmap planning to provide visibility into Platform team’s project capacity.

Emotional Intelligence Training: Contributed to weekly discussions educating employees on the importance of emotional intelligence for operational efficiency, effective communication, and cultural inclusion. Shared simple techniques employees could start practicing immediately after each session.

Lead DevOps Engineer

Technical Lead: Go-to source for technical operation details, co-architect for new projects. Championed engineering best practices within the team and company.

Project Management and Delivery: Designed and implemented application infrastructure architecture. Contributed to application CI/CD pipeline. Re-designed monolith application as microservices.

DevOps Engineer

CI/CD Implementation: automated creation and configuration of application resources.

Strategy Development: Developed and delivered growth strategies for improving employee morale.

DevOps Engineer

Project Management: Audited application Chef cookbooks for compatibility, and upgraded application servers to Chef 11.10.

IT Manager

Tool Migration: Migrated company to new technology solutions (ISP/VoIP solution, Google Apps for Business, and TrendMicro), co-wrote training documentation for each solution, and trained all end users on each solution.

Operational Improvements: Designed and maintained standardized internal onboarding procedures and forms, trained hiring managers on new procedures, and trained all new employees on proprietary company software.

Help Desk/Field Technician

Documentation and Process: Streamlined client documentation and procedures for configuring end user equipment.

Technology Services Representative

Product Development: Contributed to design, implementation, and maintenance of tenant networking infrastructure. Organized and maintained internal database of IT hardware and software.

Strategy Development: Planned and audited company products and services.

Technical Lead: Provided direction and participated in hiring efforts.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree, Information Systems Management

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No Licenses or Certifications Found.