Jatan Parikh
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Consumer PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Agile methodologies API integration Data retrieval Database structure Growth experiments Performance tracking Product requirements System design User feedback review User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks Build vs buy vs partner Business model design Distribution planning Feature prioritization Listening Market analysis Market positioning Negotiation Product roadmap Product vision Relationship building Stakeholder alignment Writing and presentation
Skill Progression

Product Manager

• Developed wireframes and prototypes, driving a 40% increase in user engagement during onboarding.
• Achieved a 90% satisfaction rate through iterative testing with 200 users on the new onboarding process.
• Collaborated with designers and developers, resulting in a 25% increase in user activation rate.
• Conducted user research with 300 users to identify key features for the new product, leading to successful implementation.
• Defined product requirements, optimizing development efficiency by 60% and increasing overall productivity.
• Worked with the marketing team to develop a go-to-market strategy for the new feature, resulting in a 10% increase in website traffic.
• Measured the success of the new feature by tracking engagement, user feedback, and sales metrics, resulting in an impressive 25% increase in customer retention.

Product Manager(Web/Mobile

• Developed and deployed RESTful APIs using Node.js and PostgreSQL, resulting in a 40% reduction in server response time.
• Conducted A/B testing to implement AI chatbot that reduced support tickets by 30% and maintaining a 95% customer satisfaction
rating over 500 interactions.
• Analyzed customer data using Tableau to identify key product features that led to a 5% reduction in monthly churn..
• Launched a successful 1:1 car mentoring feature on the App, by doing competitor analysis using traffic analysis tool driving a remarkable 40% increase in sales.
• Executed wireframing with Balsamiq/Figma, achieving an impressive 30% decrease in bounce rate.
• Maintained the product lifecycle while cross-functioning with software engineers, launching several features based on customer feedback, resulting in 10,000 monthly active users.

Product Manager

• Led the development and launch of a new e-commerce website, resulting in a 70% increase in customer satisfaction.
• Launched and managed the development of a new ‘Taste and Buy’ feature, resulting in a 35% increase in bookings within the first month of implementation.
• Tracked Customer Behavior using Heatmaps to decrease cart abandonment rate by 20%.
• Launched FreshMango’s first Loyalty Reward Program by doing competitive analysis and user feedback which helped user retention by 60%.
• Conducted market research and competitive analysis using organic research and google analytics to develop a product strategy that improved product design, resulting in a 30% decrease in customer problems.
• Developed and launched new product recommendations algorithm, resulting in 25% increase in conversion rate.

Degree Programs

Master of Science

Master of Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Applications

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