Will Fang
Skill Score
Legend (6/6)
Enterprise Tech Information Technology
Evaluated for Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Product Manager

• Oversee product development of Wishlist’s B2B SaaS product to help HR teams create an inclusive company culture through modern employee recognition and rewards.

• Improved existing product development processes, established feedback loops, and set a strategic product roadmap to support the company’s product strategy and ensure that we’re developing the right thing at the right time while aligning with internal stakeholders for complete visibility.

Product Manager

• Managed the design, development, and production pipeline to deliver ABS plastic and and polypropylene plastic consumer products to online distribution centers and retail vendors.

• I developed product pricing strategies, purchasing methods, marketing and sales strategies that enabled us to sell over 3k units per week with a 4.8% product return rate across all sales channels.

• I worked closely with product design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chains, quality control, freight forwarding, packaging and labeling.

• Gathered user feedback to improve stability, mobility, and flexibility of an ergonomic keyboard stand product, which outsold the original design by a factor of three and grossed more than $1M in its first year.

Product Manager

• Managed a portfolio of B2B HR technology products for enterprise organizations that generated over $8M in annual revenue.

• I worked closely with HR decision makers to create a focused product vision and product strategy, roadmap, and functional requirements to develop and delivery of high-quality products and services that solved a number of internal communication and employee engagement issues.

• Managed from concept-to-launch, a diverse set of HR technology products including a health and wellness platform, medical resources marketplace, learning management system (LMS), and Employee Resource Group (ERG) software.

• Conducted internal training to drive web accessibility and usability standards to ensure all web assets were ADA compliant.

Front End Software Engineer

• Developed, tested, and delivered product features, MVPs, and production-ready applications for the leading digital media company in the US.

• Worked closely with UX, design, business ops, and data science to redesign and develop a deregulated energy marketplace that assists residential, business, and solar customers in finding the best energy options in deregulated markets.

• Evangelized technical documentation and code standards using CSS BEM (block element modifier) and DRY (do not repeat) methodologies to improve code quality. Resulting in the deletion of unused CSS and duplicate code.

Front End Software Engineer

• Oversaw UI (user interface) development for a number of HR technology products, including a medical resources marketplace, learning management system (LMS), ERG (employee resource group) application, and health and wellness platform.

• Created a process for developing and managing reusable UI components to help eliminate engineering redundancy and increase efficiency by 80% for the front end engineering team.

• Delivered engaging and visually compelling front end experiences while keeping web accessibility and UX (user experience) top-of-mind.

• Led web accessibility initiatives to ensure all web products are ADA compliant. This included having regular meetings to discuss WCAG guidelines and best practices for text alternatives, accessible navigation, accessible attributes, inclusive design practices, and running regular accessibility audits.

Front End Developer

• I worked closely with DMS’s marketplace solutions team to develop front-end experiences for their insurance, consumer finance, and education verticals.

• Contributed to the development of SparkRoom UI, a DMS-owned proprietary software platform for tracking marketing goals, leads, and analytics.

Front End Developer

• Developed custom websites for Keller Williams and Remax realtor offices to interact with IDX data solutions.

• Worked closely with web designers to develop 20+ new features to enhance user experience and implemented tools to make front end development process more efficient.

• Developed and fostered business relationships with realtors, brokers, offices, and IDX data centers.

• Other responsibilities include attending client kick-off meetings, daily stand up, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver client deliverables.

Degree Programs

Computer Programming & Analysis, Web Specialization

Licenses and Certifications

Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals

Product Masterclass: How to Achieve Product-Market Fit

Kameleoon AB Testing Initiation certification

Product Masterclass: How to Build Digital Products

Product Analytics Certification (PAC)

Transitioning to Product Management