Himanshu Jain
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Information Technology
Problem Solver | UX | Frontend | Product Development for Brands

During the course of work, I have successfully placed myself solving the business challenges in the form of a product. Since the past 6 years, I have worked with 30+ companies including different startups which got selected in incubation from Y Combinator, Alchemist and other VC funds.

I work as the outsourced product developer with startups in which I pace up the development process and lead the product to launch within timelines.

If you want your business process to be scalable, automated and profitable, then we should get on a call.

Establishing a trustworthy business ecosystem in India based on meaningful Human Relations is my primary goal.

– Created my first website at the age of 12
– Created a profitable business process
– Help 30+ SMEs in business and technology
– Founded the Alumni association
– Followed a 1000 days fitness routine… ongoing
– Dated the hottest girl in my college

Evaluated for Product Manager and Growth PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Database structure System design API integration Data retrieval Product requirements User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Agile methodologies Performance tracking Growth experiments Listening Business model design
Skill Progression

Software Engineer


Product(Frontend) developer – Technology & Digital Platforms

Product developer with 7+ years of experience. I have worked on building B2B products and define the value proposition by working with multiple stakeholders.

I spend a lot of time understanding the business and the audience before suggesting ideas. I can (and often do) work well alone, but I’m at my best collaborating with others.

The recent impact made with my team in B2B space:
1. Desktop app for the business phone for remote sales teams.
2. Automation platform used by 700 marketing companies.
3. Yard management system for one of the biggest retail chains in the USA.
4. Platform to help universities in accommodating people with special abilities.
5. Data visualization for one of the state education board in India.

Reach me on [email protected]

UX and Product Developer

traveldglobe.com is a place to find your next travel destination. Listed more than 1500 offbeat and adventure places based upon different interests. We promise to make travel planning simple, easy and quick for the travellers.

Our that will not only help the frequent travelers, moreover, it will encourage the people to break the monotonous routine and find a new place to explore. We promise to add value at every moment of their travel journey from the beginning to end.



HealthKart (www.healthkart.com) is India’s premier e-health store, where consumer healthcare products, such as diabetes supplies, nutrition supplements, home medical devices, baby care products etc can be ordered via internet and received at the doorstep.

Associate Software Engineer

Compro provides solutions across many development models, from Waterfall to Agile, and leverage appropriate methodology as applicable to projects and teams.

Clients: Rockwell Automation, Pearson, Nat Geo, Cengage Learning and more.

Content Editor

A great experience to work with a team of talented content developers. We team transformed the NCERT education into intuitive presentations and graphics. The challenge was to elaborate or concise the details in those presentations and questionnaire.

Product Design Engineer

Future Tech Design delivers projects on Product Lifecycle Management.

Undergraduate Researcher

The National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) is an autonomous institute, under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India.
The major aim of starting NIOT under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, is to develop reliable indigenous technology to solve the various engineering problems associated with harvesting of non-living and living resources in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which is about two-thirds of the land area of India.

Junior Researcher

A Govt of India Undertaking
Engaged in providing Land Line, Mobile, Broad band service throughout India. Has the presence in all the Cellular Area PAN India except Delhi and Mumbai.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree, Electronics and Communication

Intermediate, Matriculation, Computer Science

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.